Monday, 28 November 2016

Freezing my Pollocks Off

Three days of crystal clear skies and Easterly winds have certainly helped the temperature plummet here and I have been wondering if the Peninsula Pollock would still take jigs in these conditions.
Today I headed up to Uwchmynydd to test the water and some jigs I purchased on Aliexpress.

I also tried out a different rod than my usual Hart Boushido to see if I could find something in my quiver a little more suitable until I can afford a proper Shore Jig rod. I used my Shimano Blue Romance Stickbait pack rod, It actually isn't bad for jigs in the 30-40g class. Having a softish tip it does work the jigs quite well.

In years gone by the Pollock fishing has generally been good on the ebbing tide, especially at Uchmynydd; the fast, strong currents create lots of good back eddies for predators to get an easy meal but, this year it just has not been the case; I have to say the ebb fishing was bloody tough! I drew a blank at my first mark, the second and third were consistent but the fish were blooming small!

It really wasn't until the tide turned that the fish got bigger, they still weren't epic but better sport for sure.

The fish were a bit more consistent into Sunset, which was bloody welcome.
I was really surprised there were no Coalfish to be had today, the third mark is usually good for them about now.
However, the jigs certainly work ok and it's nice to see that the fish are still taking them this time of year, how long that will last is anyones guess. Christmas and cabin fever approach for sure, it was damn freezing out there today and whilst it wasn't entirely unpleasant, the conditions and short days make windows of opportunity much more difficult here on in.
As long as conditions allow though, I will give it another bash soon.

Tight Lines.

Monday, 7 November 2016


I had originally planned to go Shore Jigging at Uchmynydd today but, I quite honestly fell foul to a Monkey Shoulder induced headache and failed to get out on time, I was a bit of a numpty as conditions were good today.
Nevertheless I was determined to get out somewhere as I knew the fresh air would clear my head. I therefore went to Criccieth again to see what was about.

The sea was smooth and gin clear, the sun was out and there were a couple of seals over the rocks.
I started off on small plugs to see if there was any small Bass or Trout biting, but it was pretty futile, those conditions are less than ideal for proper predators.

Well not to worry, one of the things I love about rockfishing is the tackle is so versatile and a quick change in rig will see you catching. I chose the easy option of drop-shotting Gulp Fish Fry and Isome, and quickly got into some Corkwing Wrasse holding up among the boulders and groins. I photographed the largest here;

I then went for a bite to eat and popped into my favourite shop around here; Criccieth Tackle Box.
I didn't stay too long but just enough time to discuss some things and show Russell the modified drop shot rig for him to use on Dab.
It kind of got me in the mood again so I popped back down the beach and rigged up a 10g dropshot rig and got straight into the Dab myself.

I also got my first Welsh Gurnard! Welsh Gurnard isn't a species obviously, it was actually a Juvenile Tub with pretty fins.

Gurnard are so cool, I'd like to get a big one on light game gear for sure!

Criccieth was stiff with Dab today and I just kept catching them, they're pretty awesome fish in their own right and actually fight ok for their size.

I must have caught twenty Dab and amidst those I also caught some tiny whiting and a single Sand Goby too. All in all I would say it was a pretty good session. 
I still feel I should've gone Shore Jigging, there is snow on the hills now so it wont be long before the water cools too much and the fish go pretty dormant. Perhaps I will get out Sunday or Monday, I will just have to stay off the Whiskey next time!

Tight lines.