Light Game Tackle

I have decided to open this page in the hope of getting better information out there regarding Light Game tackle. It can be a nightmare choosing your first rod, reel and all the other bits to get you started in this game and I hope the newcomer finds this a useful resource.




Soft Lures


Hard Lures
I must admit I do not use small plugs much and I don't always carry them. One time I would always have them is when fishing overseas, they seem much more productive there than in the UK.
Unless you have a particularly steely solid tipped rod though, you will find it much easier to impart action using a tubular tipped rod when using hard baits. Due to the nature of most solid tipped rods, they do tend to fold with the resistance from a hard bait.
Any ways, they can be a game changer on their day.

Metal Lures
Metal jigs are possibly my favourite type of lure, I have a real fetish for these things and on the right day and the right spot they rock! A good selection of different profiles, weights and colours can turn a bad session into something epic. For deep marks and marks with lots of flow, I find jigs and metal lures indispensable. They will cut through current easier than other lures and can flutter down along with it too. In my main collection I have a selection ranging from 3g to 7g, I tend to find assist hooks work better than trebles and as you can see most of my Jigs have assists fitted. They snag less and result in far less lost fish.

Possibly worthy of special mention are the Breaden Metalmaru 13g, its just such an unusual and well designed lure. I suppose I still have somewhat of a love hate relationship with it though after a big Barracuda nicked one in Menorca, the only Barracuda I have ever hooked and wanted one since childhood! Really though this is one versatile lure and can really stand out from the crowd in the water.

Other Terminal Tackle

A Caro kit can be awfully useful when you want to present a light lure at a good distance, for more info on caro fishing click here and here.

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