Monday, 13 June 2016

Shore Pollock

I was out for more shore ninja training with Kev yesterday on the rather wet and slippery rocks of Penllyn. I was hoping to see Kev get a decent shore Pollock but things were actually slow and we only managed small fish for the most part.
I actually only had two fish, both falling to the 40g HTO Shore jig rigged with my own assist, here's my first;

She put up a beautiful fight being caught at range and about 60 foot down, I am stoked to say the least.

Tight Lines.

Monday, 6 June 2016

A Mini Session

I struggled to find any motivation today, it has been s hot I must admit to just wanting to laze about or go for a swim, however after lunch I decided to have a bash at some mini species.
Heading up the peninsula once more, this time to Porth Dinllaen with my Rock Rover and a selection of lures. Boy it was hot but stepping out the car was just lush as a cool sea breeze refreshed me.

I chose my spot below the watch-tower as it was low tide and set up a dropshot rig consisting of a size 10 Sabpolo wormer hook position about 30cm above the weight and hooked up a 1" Berkley Gulp Fish Fry. I fished pretty much vertically over the kelpy margins and bites were pretty instantaneous, the culprits - Corkwing Wrasse.
Always a joy to catch this species as they are quite a pretty fish and spirited fr their size.

The sea was like a millpond at this point and was honestly what was needed, if I had been back home in Suffolk I probably would be watching a Waggler float, it was just one of those tranquil, serene afternoons.
After some time the tide turing created a bit of a rip and back eddy, time for some slightly more aggressive tactics and a good chance to try out the new HTO Fugitive jigs. 
Casting into the current and allowing my jig to trundle along the bottom with the odd upward twitch, found me a lot of tiny Pollock, quite funny considering the larger ones I've been catching lately.

I had a relatively steady hour or so of these before calling it a day. 
I'm glad I went out in the end, it was just a nice chilled session and no real need for the game face.

Tight lines.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Fits and Starts

Boy we are getting spoilt with this weather right?! I have a hundred and one things to do, yet with this beautiful sunshine, the lure of flinging metals into the deep reefs is just too much for me. 
I know I intended to do something different, but I just love fishing Uwchmynydd far too much so I ended up making that fairly long drive again!

Arriving on an ebbing tide is just perfect for Pollock fishing I therefore started fishing with 40g HTO Shore Jigs. Punching them out and letting them slide in the current to the deck before jigging them up through the water column and then letting them swing fall. nearly every fall I could feel small fish having a go but I'm still hunting that monster.
I don't mind massively about the smaller fish actually, its such a privilege to live and have access to such a majestic shore, sometimes fish are just a bonus.

Sure enough though the pollock were fairly small but very plentiful to start.

For the first couple of hours it was almost a fish a cast but as low tide approached things didn't half get slow and i admit to getting a bit bored at times. I tried a few other tactics like heavy dropshotting and Carolina rigs which rewarded me with a couple of nice Wrasse and two small Coalfish.

My first Wrasse was actually caught on a 40g HTO Artic Eel which got bitten in half just after.
Things weren't exactly firing though and I had to wait about an hour after low for things to pick up again on the jigs, but pick up they did!
It wasn't long before things dropped off again but during my window the fish were a better size and gave a fairly decent fight, my largest fish I grabbed a selfie with before release, still not my monster but a decent fish nonetheless.

Things did drop off again and I found myself in two minds as whether or not to stay, I decided to go however as there will always be another day.
It was a good session overall and just satiated my need for the throwing of heavy metal!

My next session will probably be a light game one, I should maybe get on the Bass but, they do kinda bore me a bit and I know some will think i'm crazy for saying that, but thats just how it is at the moment.

Until next time folks, tight lines!