Monday, 31 July 2017

More Glaslyn Trout

I had another nice afternoon on the Glaslyn today, I lost a few, caught a few and had a ton of follows before turn-aways!
The river seems to have a good head of fish just now but boy are they picky, when they do hit they hit well but the follows vastly outweigh the takes. Its real fun learning about Sea Trout behaviour especially and with the time I have put in, I feel I am finally getting a foundation on how they behave in certain features and stretches of the river.

Here's a few pictures from today, the Jackson Kanade 50 doing the biz as usual!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Afon Acrobats

You know they say that Rainbows are the acrobats of the Trout world but lately on the Afon Glaslyn both the Brownies and Sewin have been displaying some proper acrobatics!

I was out again today and caught a few Brownies and a few Sea Trout, mainly caught on the Smith D-Contact 63 and the Jackson Kanade 50. I tell you though; I had a follow off of a massive fish on a slower section of water to the Aberglaslyn I was fishing before, this fish believe it or not followed one of the smallest lures I carry; the Duo Spearhead Ryuki 45S. She turned away last minute as she saw my ugly mug, I was gutted as it really was the fish of my dreams!

Heres a few photos of some fish caught on the Aberglaslyn stretch and some further down, I'll include some photo's of the pools for you watercraft nuts out there.

Tight lines.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Flounder vs Jackson Kanade!

In keeping with random and unusual Flatfish captures; I recently caught a Flounder on a Jackson Kanade 50 whilst out for Sea Trout on the lower Glaslyn, he put a proper bend in a rod I'm testing as he kited about in the ebbing current.
As a Pure Fishing rep recently said to me at EAC "every day is a school day when fishing."