Sunday, 29 November 2020

2020 - still learning!

 While I usually look forward to an import from the Far East I don’t think any of us could quite imagine how life changing the arrival of COVID 19 from China would or could be!

It seems a bit ridiculous to comment on how it has affected my/our fishing, as it has simply affected every area of all our lives, for the majority of the year and will likely continue to do so for some time yet!

Nevertheless I have been able to get the odd session in this year, it hasn’t been all lure for me though. The beginning of the year I mainly drowned maggots for silvers in some fisheries and occasionally on the river. I have to say it has been pleasant, it’s essentially how I started fishing and a return to the simple things are sometimes refreshing.

Lately however I have returned to my real passion, lure fishing. 

It’s amazing how any discipline can feed into another though, how time on the bank, observing and learning just helps push personal boundaries.

My fishing has obviously changed along with my location; while I miss the clear deeper seas of the west coast, the mountain lakes and cascading rivers and steams, I am starting to really enjoy the lowland rivers of Suffolk and Essex. 

I know I am never likely to catch anything unusual or surprising, never likely to break any records etc, but that isn’t what spurs me on for the most part anyhow. Just being out and observing, trying to outwit wary fish and getting some nourishment outside long working hours and a busy life is enough.

Funnily observing one creature everyone moans about down here has given me the most success of late, that creature being the Otter.

Personally I love seeing them and on my local marks I have observed them quite a few times munching Crayfish. 

Since then I’ve switched somewhat from using cranks and shads to using Cheb rigged Craws. Fishing them super slow I had mainly expected Perch, which I have had a few.

I just had not expected quite the volume of Pike I have encountered using these techniques!

Now like I say, not breaking any records exactly but having a lot of fun and in that regard I’d say some pretty successful angling. 

In fact even in tough conditions where the river has been heavily coloured, this method has allowed me to catch pretty consistently. 

I don’t think my observations are going to win the otters over in the hearts of local anglers anytime soon though. I also now know that many predator anglers use this method and have done for ages, for me however, it was a personal revelation of sorts. 

Not a new concept exactly though, matching the hatch is a fairly used term in angling hey! 

Sunday, 4 August 2019

PB Chub.

I have managed to snatch an hour after work this week for some micro plug action and I have been out this morning too which was very enjoyable indeed.

Lately I have been having some real success on the Aquawave Henoji Fighter for both Perch and Chub, though sadly my last one got chomped off by a Pike this morning as I was having fun with a shoal of small Perch. Another lure I have really rated lately is the Taps Biedronka;

The Biedronka is a 1.2g LadyBird type topwater. This lure lands so perfectly on the water it really looks like a bug falling out of a tree and when you impart tiny movements to your rod tip the lure sends out tiny rings across the surface film just like a drowning bug. You can also cast this little beauty upstream and slowly retrieve it, this method creates a lovely delicate surface wake which at times can prove effective indeed! 
I have removed the trebles the lures come with and fitted them with some Quantum Bigeye hooks in #8. I found when using the trebles fish kept diving into weed and managing to catch the free hook points on the treble, thus shaking the lure.
Anyhow, some shots;

I know I'm likely to get stick for the way I'm holding the fish above but it went back fine I promise and I won't do it again!

The Chub above is a PB. I had spotted two fish in a pool last year and decided to go back this morning for a pop and low and behold they were still there and this time hungry for my cool Polish lure! I really don't weigh or measure my fish, its not all that important to me, it was fun and that is important to me.

Heres a few smaller fish that fell to the Aquawave Henoji Fighter;

Another couple of wee lures that have given me some results lately are the Taps Gasieniczka (don't ask me to pronounce that!) and some other random Polish lure I picked up but cannot remember the name check them out;

This one will get single hooks very soon!
I think Gasieniczka means Caterpillar
Well I hope you enjoyed this wee blog post, I'm no pro predator angler, but this type of lure angling is keeping me out of trouble for time being and is quite fun at times.

Tight lines.

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Effort and Reward.

I have to admit that adjusting to freshwater lure angling on slow rivers has been challenging since I moved. 
Although I grew up fishing here on the Suffolk/Essex border, I fished very differently back then and to top that the area has changed a great deal. Stretches of river once fish-able without the need for clubs are now out of bounds for one reason or another. The waterways are so busy now and some areas are less accessible due to housing developments.

I am also adapting my light game style for a different set of species which has been harder than I anticipated at times, I have put in some work though and am yielding some pleasing results. 

One area of particular enjoyment is Chub fishing. Now I haven't landed anything of note as yet, I have lost a few decent Chub but that's what all anglers say right!
Nevertheless I am really enjoying casting tiny plugs, both divers and surface bugs for the warey Chub lurking under the overhangs of the Stour. I find it such a buzz to get a decent cast in as a Chub smashes a beetle imitation on touch down, its a thrill indeed.

I do really need to find some deeper water though as I keep losing better fish to the dense weed mid river!

I have also been getting a few Perch and small Pike on mini wobblers and the like. I know many favour Dropshot and general soft plastics for Perch especially, I just do like using mini plugs!

As much as I miss the variety of Wales I have to admit I am rather enjoying some of my sessions out here and I am just going to use the time to refine and build knowledge of the overall ecosystem, I can only envisage good things for my Angling by doing this in the long term. Even if some of the results aren't quite what I would like right NOW, building angling skill is always the right course of action right?! 

I shall be out at the weekend and I shall hope to share some more findings, but we shall see hey! 

Until then. 
Tight lines.