Sunday, 11 April 2021

Predation signs.

 So I managed to redeem a few fishing hours at the local pit this weekend, I was hoping to find one of these double figure fish I have heard about there. To be honest I think the local clubs website was written in 1904, as I’ve had tons of follows from Pike at this venue and the average size is more like 3lb from what I have seen thus far, not double figures as their page suggests.

That being said, the venue is a lovely place to fish.

There is a wide array of wildlife and it is quite tranquil and left unkept, a great place for predators to thrive.

However there is one issue; the River Stour runs just a few yards north of this Pit where Otters have been introduced and do well.

Aside from the fish I caught in my last post, many of the pike following my lures looked battle scarred and weary, including some I caught.

I’m not 100% these wounds were inflicted by Otter as there are Herons and Cormorants present too but if I was a betting man....

I may try this venue again to see if I can lure out anything larger but I shall also be on the hunt for other locations. I must say, I cannot wait until the rivers open again though, I much prefer roaming river banks to still water fishing, aside from anything the fish tend to fight better in the rivers, even of the same size. 

Again though, it is a tranquil place to fish and I am lucky to have such habitats within 15 minutes drive of my house, sometimes it is just about making the best of what you have available locally! 

Anyhow, I shall wrap this up now with a photo I took while exploring the banks of this shallow Pit.

Tight lines!

Sunday, 4 April 2021

New Puzzles

 Angling in Suffolk has certainly taken some getting used to, I certainly did not fully appreciate just how spoilt I was from a lure anglers perspective when I lived in North Wales.

The fishing here can be a bit limiting and often boring. Carp angling here takes precedent and is where significant investment takes place for recreational fishing, generally this means during close season for rivers, stillwaters are out of bounds to lure anglers. 

The other thing is people here don’t know what a lake is! Recently I went to a venue which my local association called “a lake” and I found a duck pond! Again I realise how spoilt I was in Wales with its alpine lakes hosting wild Trout. Lakes which could keep you occupied for a full day and then some. I literally walked around this pond in 10 minutes and went home, it was practically a puddle!

I have however fished one venue recently which is interesting; a series of mature gravel pits in a village nearby. They do present some challenges though; the pits are shallow and full of lilies and weed, this makes presentation a little difficult. I also have to beef up the gear a bit as I’d undoubtedly get snagged if I fished my preferred light set ups. 

I must admit I do like these wee puzzles fishing throw up, finding the fish is one piece, a venue that allows lure angling another, then presentation another and so on, it keeps you thinking and researching.

I fished the largest of three pits on Good Friday and although a pretty place, boy the fishing was harder than I expected. Most of my go to Pike lures just came back laden with weed and algae. The few follows I did have resulted in missed takes or last second spooks.

It was the small Rapala Peto in Halloween that allowed me to get a decent and enticing presentation  with a fair bit of interest, however the one fish I did manage succumbed to the low floating Westin Swim glide bait.

Not a big fish but very welcome all the same!

Since catching this fish I’ve been giving some serious thought to the tactics I should employ when I return. Obviously I shall take some weedless soft plastics but I’m now on the hunt for shallow Pike lures and Wake baits too, it still feels too cold for true surface lures at present.

I will obviously update my blog should results be positive. I’m also hoping as Covid restrictions ease, I shall be able to travel further afield and maybe even target my first Zander too!

Anyway I better stop waffling, but before I go here’s a couple of  photos of my last river session before close, the fish were properly biting then!

Tight lines

Monday, 1 March 2021

Crap Perch fishing

 Sunday Feb 28th 

Having recently joined the local angling club I ventured out on the river for a stab at some Perch fishing, mostly utilising the Ned rig.  I have to say I do quite like this slow finesse style of lure angling.

Armed with my HTO Rock Rover and Shimano Vanford spooled with HTO X8 0.8pe I fished a stretch of the Stour near to my house. 

The first few swims I fished I never had a touch, but soon Jack Pike started picking up my Lures.

I have actually had a follow off a decent Perch here before but cannot get a take off of it, I thought I’d be in with a chance fishing this slow and light, but no joy sadly.

I had a flick against some debris caught up on the far bank while half talking to a dog walker. Just very subtly imparting some action while keeping the lure in a static-ish position, I had a take. 

I could feel I had a decent fish on as it stayed deep. I figured it to be another but better Pike, this fish was putting up a spirited fight and as I bought it up through the gloomy looking water I realised I had a bit of a special fish on.; A Chub!

Now I must apologise for my lack of fish handling skill here, I wasn’t doing it consciously. Regardless though the fish is too special to not share and she went back just fine.

I carried on for another hour and caught maybe four or 5 more Jacks before heading home Perchless.

After mowing the lawn and a spot of lunch, I felt a bit greedy and popped down to another stretch I like and have had Perch from before, alas after many swims I barely had a touch until the sun dropped. As the sun started to set my lure got picked up and my rod got slammed over by what was most certainly not a Perch!

A fairly good fight ensued which with patience and play, I won with another fish in the net.

Well not the best days Perch fishing but certainly a memorable day! 

I don’t know if the passers by who kindly took my photos will read this but I appreciated it a lot. 

The rivers close soon too and I’m unsure if I will manage another session before they do, fingers crossed though I will get some Perch soon.

Tight lines