Sunday, 25 October 2015

A Day on Anglesey

My friend Jon contacted me earlier in the week asking if I'd like to go to Anglesey fishing and of course I said yes and that is where I have been today.
Starting out at 6:00am we arrive at Point Lynas for high water. Its not an area I know at all so I was just taking Jon's lead and indeed the area looked good, in fact we were into fish from the first cast.

Jon took first blood with a feisty small Pollock while I tackled up, but when I joined the fun I pulled out two fairly decent Pollock, both taken on the HTO Mace and Mace head combo.

That was a pretty good start to be honest and it was nice to catch them over pretty clean ground which enabled me to give them some line for a change.
We both caught a number of smaller Pollock too and John caught some Wrasse. It was a pleasant start and the Dolphins even made an appearance which was as magic as ever.

As the tide started dropping the fishy activity and certainly the stamp also dropped off, therefore we made a very short move to a rocky point along the way.
Jon was in first once more to either a Pollock or a Wrasse, I cannot remember which. At this point I was struggling a bit with not being able to get a hook up, when Jon's rod bent over proper and his drag started singing, I could tell he was into a good fish indeed! Sadly he was proved to be a bit under-gunned as the fish  severed his 0.3PE braid against the barnacle strewn ledge, Jon's face was not pretty as he realised he'd lost probably the best fish of the day.

I decide to change my lure to a 2" One Up Shad which is a renown fish catcher and indeed it worked for me just fine, here hare some pictures of the better fish;

I love Wrasse, there are full of character and these fought quite well indeed.
The Jighead incidentally is from Sunslicker AKA Nick Robson, they are pretty awesome dart heads with specially sourced hooks which are sharp and tough as tits!

After exhausting the potential of our wee ledge we went along to Cemaes for a much needed coffee and Bacon bap, awesome stuff!
We then fished Llanbedrig for the afternoon. that marked had huge potential but sadly didn't quite cut it today. We caught fish like, but the average size was well down on Point Lynas, my best fish there fell to a jika rigged HTO Leethal.

All in all it was a pretty good day and much needed after a crappy week at work. We plan to go up again soon and fish slightly different states of tide all being well, I am also hoping to encounter the odd different specie too, but we will see.

If you are on the World Sea Fishing forum, be sure to check out the LRF and Light Game section as Jon (AKA Penn2) is sure to write a wee report with photo's of his better fish.

Thats it from me for now though, thanks for reading and tight lines!

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Going through the motions

It was a beautiful sunny day here today and it would have been a crime not to go fishing really, so I headed up to the North Peninsula.
I arrived just bang on high water and decided on a spot that is pretty consistent and initially started fishing soft plastics OTD. I had one Pollock but it was becoming clear the fish were being very finicky indeed.
I had really hoped to catch some Wrasse but they really didn't seem to want to play ball at all today and after persevering for a while I started to fish metals.

It really seems as though metals have out-fished other lures for me this year, ever since my masterclass in Jigs with Angelo back in Madeira.
I sadly lost my Jazz Vibe bait early on so used the Hart RSF Mebaru Blade for a while, it has been a pretty good lure for me this year, the only complaint I have is the hooks tend to get caught up on the tail a lot especially when it gets hit by a fish. I did catch some Mackerel and Pollock on it before changing to jigs though.

The amount of times the lure got hit but no hookups became frustrating though and I therefore changed to a HTO shore jig rigged with my own assists, the Pollock certainly liked that and I had a fair few.

Thing was I really started to feel a bit bored, it was all a bit "samey samey" so I decided on a move to a gully which usually hold some Wrasse action. I don't know what the deal was today but the Wrasse just didn't want to know, I tried my best Wrasse lures and aside from the very occasional tail pull I could get no committals, just more Pollock.

In the end I just thought "to hell with it" and decided just to focus on the fish that wanted to play. I moved again to a new spot for me, good deep water on the edge of a slight rip.
Again the fish preferring jigs to softs I bagged up on Mackerel and Pollock.

Although the fishing was fun at times, I did feel as though I was just going through the motions a lot too and was kinda glad to go home. I think I need some new challenges in my fishing and also feel I need to fish for Bass a bit more next year, hopefully I will get my transport situation sorted so I can also mix things up a bit species wise. I don't do too badly and I am fortunate to live by the coast, but things have just seemed too repetitive lately.

Anyways something to think on for me.

Tight lines

Monday, 12 October 2015

Sweet vibrations

I popped down to Porthmadog harbour this evening while my Daughter was at Ballet, dang its cold today!

Inappropriately dressed I did not last long at all, I was chilled to the bone and spent more time vaping than I did fishing I think. I did however manage a small Sewin (Sea Trout) before heading off and in my book, any fish that leaps out of the water in a bid to shake the hook is a good fish!

This little Jazz vibe is one cracking little lure, I need more I think!

Tight lines

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Light Game Hirame shiz

I haven't fished local marks much this year mainly because I have found an aversion to wading and indeed as I sit here writing this I still have a slightly moist crotch, what is it with waders and not lasting a season?

Well as you may have now guessed I have been on my local beach, which was characteristically slow to start. I had been fishing soft plastic lures in the hope of a Turbot which incidentally do not seem to be as prevalent these days, things were not really happening though. I switched through some lures before putting on my Jazz vibe bait.
My friend Yoji Sato actually uses these to good effect when fish are feeding on crabs among structure, I wondered what I could turn over the sand. Well there wasn't a massive surprise when I started catching Weever ten to the dozen.

I carried on catching these nasty little blighters before moving north and finding a nice rip in the sea.
Using short twitches and lifts before hitting the bed, I got a take. At first I thought "another bloody Weever" before the fish tore off taking some line on the way! Well to my surprise I had a Flounder on and soon banked! 

Its the first time I have caught a Flounder on a metal so I was pleased to say the least and maybe there is some milage for this type of bait when fish are feeding on small crab, after all that is what Flounder tend to like! Then again maybe I should not have been quite so surprised at this capture, for the Japanese use vibes for their Hirame fishing a lot, just not a connection I had made before today.
Food for thought and another piece in the puzzle surrounding fish behaviour maybe?!

Shortly after this surprise capture the Mackerel turned up and I had some fun with those for a short time before heading home. A nice relaxed wee session anyhow.

Tight lines

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Mackerel Game

I've been messing with video again and compiled a fun session I had last week. The music is from my friend Shifty again and I think his tracks lend themselves to chilled out fun in the sun.

Here it is;

Tight lines.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Light Game Cymru

I managed a wee session on the Peninsula yesterday which was quite enjoyable at times but slow at others. For some reason I found soft plastics out-fished jigs for a change so I fished dart heads along with HTO soft lures to good effect. 
I also had my first Wrasse caught on a vibe bait too and interestingly in exactly the same place I had my first Wrasse on a metal jig.

Here is some vid I shot whilst there;


Video is just something I am starting to dabble in but I can see me doing more as time and money allow.
Special thanks to my friend Aaron AKA Shifty for the soundtrack, check out his other work here.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Mackerel Double Shot

I've been Mackerel bashing a little lately as I haven't always had the hours to put in elsewhere or the right conditions. Sometimes some good honest, fun fishing is just whats required and as such, thats what I've been about.
Here's a wee clip from a video I have been playing with;