Thursday, 13 September 2012

A mixed bag.

Today I had hoped to try a mark I know of from my bait days that yields good flounder, due to high winds though this mark was unfishable with the light gear.
I had thought I could give another mark a go where some good sized Turbot have been reported as well as the occasional Gurnard, unfortunately that was also a no go.

I opted for another one of my marks which was still hard going, but just about ok. It was at times difficult reading bites with such high winds and was also quite unpleasant during the rainy periods.

I tried a variety of lures and jig weights before opting for a 1.3g Ecogear Shirasu head and a pink Power Isome. Working a back eddy I was getting bites close to the bottom and before long I bagged a flounder. 

Flatfish on Lures

Unfortunately my pictures are a bit naff as for some reason I had left the soft flash setting on and had not really realised. An OK size though and the first of this year, that fact is crazy really as I know of a few good flounder marks and have had some really good fish off them before.
I was really chuffed though and have to say he put up a bit of a scrap for a minute.

The tide was rising and I was hoping for a couple more. I changed my jig to a 2g AGM Muscle head I strolled about a bit having a cast here and there until I got a bite, then one heck of a run. A lovely tune emitted from my drag as I thought "well that's no flounder", this was a powerful fish. Of course I knew it was a Bass as I saw it thrash on the surface at the end of the first run. It was amazing to see it thrash at quite a range, it then dawned on me that I was using lrf gear and the adrenaline started pumping.
I have to say it was the best fight I have had in ages and this fish really did not want to come in, I was crapping it as I saw my 5lb leader catch the gill rakers a couple of times before another run. I started praying "Please don't let it come off", it was so good to see how my Blue Current just absorbed the lunges and also to listen to my drag sing. 
Anyways eventually the fish tired and I was able to land it for a photo or two.

Yamaga Blanks Blue Current 74

My photographic mishap just doesn't do it justice, it was a beautiful fish and really fought well, I was now super chuffed!! I have no idea how much it weighed, its no monster but who cares.
Despite the prolonged play, the fish swam off very well leaving me totally buzzing.

I had now realised though that I had been cut off by the tide somewhat and though wanted to stay, I had to make a somewhat perilous wade back to safer ground. At times I was rather buoyant, deep wading with my flotation vest on. Eventually I made it back to a place I could continue fishing in the hope of more flounder. I fished for another 20 minutes or so with no bites,  so decided to call it a day.
An enjoyable couple of hours though, which has left me feeling quite satisfied.

Well I hope you enjoy the report as much as I enjoyed the fishing.

Tight lines folks!