Thursday, 25 April 2013

Bass at last!

This morning the weather has been appalling, drizzle and rain all day,. However, being my day off I was determined to get out for a fish.
Around 16:00 the rain stopped and at about 16:30 I was out the door and down to the beach. The skies were overcast and there was a North Westerly blowing, the sea was also choppy. There were Terns hitting the water, some far out and some close in. The sea temperature is still only 8.5 degrees and although I was confident there were bait fish around, I was not all that confident of there being any Bass.
I started off fishing with a 7g Jighead and extra large Isome, to see if there was anything about, there was nothing happening.
Over the next couple of hours I went through nearly every lure I had with me. Duo Tide Minnows, Fiiish Black Minnows, Wave Worms etc... yet still nothing.
Eventually the wind dropped off and when that happened the Terns left the shore line, I was not feeling very optimistic!
I looked up and down the shore and wondered where my best chances would be as the tide approached high water. Making my decision I headed off. I decided to try some surface lures and went through my Patchinko 100, Zip Baits Fakie Dogs, ima Salt Skimmer, yet still not a touch. I then decided to clip on my new ima Aldente 95S, cast out and retrieved very slowly, I had a fish take the lure after about five casts in and my heart started to pound, sadly after but a few seconds the fish was off again. I was really not happy and sat down for a while to console myself.
I was not about to be beaten though and started with the Aldente again, fanning out my casts. As High water was corresponding with sunset, a fish engulfed my lure in a spirited swirl and lifting into the fish I knew it wasn't coming off. After a short tussle I finally had my first Bass of 2013 landed and I was super bloody chuffed!
Only a small fish but very very welcome!

ima lures

It was so damn nice to feel a Bass on my line again, after what has been a long and hard winter! Having the smell of Bass on my hands stimulated my senses and it all came flooding back, I feel like the season has finally started.

I tried to get another for an hour or so but then had to return home, I feel it would have been good to stay into darkness, as that is when I expect the Aldente to come into its own. Maybe next time eh?!

Till then, tight lines all!