Sunday, 19 May 2013

Summer Has Arrived!

I have had some truly awful sessions of late. Fairly recently I went out after some Turbot and despite seeing them mouth my lures and spit them out I could not catch one. It was a very frustrating session and I was surprised to see them so reticent, this has never been the case before.
On Thursday last, I went out to a mark I have only ever had any success with on bait, its one heck of a walk and again it was an epic fail. I actually hooked two fish which I am pretty sure were Mullet and lost them both! I was so tired under the sun and so fed up with the fishing that I went to sleep on the shore before returning home, it was possibly my worst session ever.

I guess thats just fishing though, you win some, you lose some. I am not deterred quite so easily either, so I went for a return visit to my Turbot mark on Saturday evening after work. I arrived at low water and the sea was full of loose floating weed. The weed made things very hard going and for an hour or so I was just pulling weed off of my line and out of my tip ring. I moved along the shore a little and cast my Berkley Gulp Sandworm, rigged on a 2.5g Sakura Makaira jig head parallel to the waves and bumped the bottom. Shortly after I had a bite and thankfully it was a decent and positive one! My first Turbot of 2013 and my first fish on the Yamaga Blanks BLC-80.

Flatfish on Lures

Lure Turbot

Today (Sunday), I decided to make the long walk to the mark where I lost the Mullet on Thursday. The walk was a bit of a killer as it was a very hot day, though there was a stiff breeze blowing in from the West which helped a little. After an hour and a half I reached my mark, I set up my BLC-80 with a 2" Gulp Fish Fry rigged on a Sakura Makaira jig head and waded out over a sand bar. I was casting up current and letting my lure drift before bouncing the bottom on the retrieve. I was getting bites off of small fish and I assumed they were Sand Gobies, but before long I realised they were Weever which are also a pest at times.

Well I didn't really want to catch any more Weever so I decided to try some other lures and eventually opted for a 7g Yoshikawa jig. I purchased this jig off of eBay for the princely sum of £2.60.

Wow this thing really casts and I was easily able to reach the deeper water over a drop off and straight into a fish. Well I lost the first two hits, but third time lucky, I was in!

Porthmadog Fishing

Bass this size may not be the most amazing fun on your regular Bass gear, but using light game tackle they are awesome fun indeed and I was very pleased!
I repeated the process for a while, yet to my surprise I wasn't getting anymore hits. I moved along the shore a little and after a while changed my lure to a Gulp Sandworm, again on the Sakura Jig head and sure enough got another fish after drifting with the current.  

Again I cast up current and allowed the lure to drift, when I got an almighty take. I struck and a fish literally left the water, jumping in the air several times I realised this was a decent Garfish. The thing was going ballistic and flaming characteristically the thing threw the hook, leaving my jig whizzing past my ear, breaking the sound barrier as it went. I was a bit annoyed and hoped for another, yet it was not to be. 
Changing to a Gulp fish Fry, I did have plenty more Weevers and a couple more School Bass.

Again wanting to escape the Weever fish I clipped on my metal jig, yet this time even the Weever wanted it and I precariously unhooked a fair few of them from my cheap bar of metal. I had never caught a Weever on a Metal before!

Yoshikawa jig

Before I made the arduous journey home, I had one last Bass, which was a nice way to end the session and day. 

Porthmadog Fishing

I will feel possibly happier at work tomorrow now, yet I cannot wait for my next session. It was proper nice to see how the BLC-80 performs and to break it in with a few fish. It was also nice to finally catch a few on lures at this mark and it was a good day in my book!

Till next time, tight lines!