Thursday, 3 October 2013

Light Lure Re-stock

A week or so ago I lost my Meiho reversible 85 lure box and it was full of all my light game hard baits, jigs and vibration baits. A small fortunes worth from brands like Ocean Ruler, DUO, Rapala and Sebile etc. I was truly gutted! Despite looking and re-looking on the beach, as well as my friends looking, it was not to be found. 
I have had to start replacing them recently. 

After seeing Scotts success with the Reins Palpuntin jigs, I decided to try some out. I also purchased some more Apia Seiryu mini jigs which have done well for me lately.

LRF Jigs

I'm going to put the Decoy DJ-91's on them to minimise losses of both the jig and the fish. The Reins jigs are not remotely cheap in Europe, they are half the price I payed in Japan, yet at either price I don't fancy looking any more gear!
The weight and patterns are as follows;
from the top; 5g in Shirasu pattern, 3.5g in shirasu,  3.5g in chartreuse/silver, 2g in shirasu and the Apia jig is 3g, in cotton candy. They should be enough to cover a range of situations for now.

Next up is a couple of hard baits.

Duo Tetraworks Bivi

The Duo Spearhead Ryuki 50S weighs in at 4.5g and this one is in Pearl Ayu. Really its a Trout lure ,but I shall see if I can catch another species or two with it.
The lower lure is the DUO Tetra works Bivi, 3.8g and in clear/red belly pattern. 
I actually preferred the pattern I had before which was a striped silver, but I got this one at a good price and will give it a bash.

I still have quite a way to go to replace all of my lures, I had the other Tetra Works stuff as well as my snazzy Ocean Ruler Ne'reid surface lures, but these are a start.

I also purchased some new braid to try out as my Sunline Small Game is done. I loved the Small game, but it wasn't the cheapest of braids and this one comes at a very decent price indeed from The Art Of Fishing.

LRF Braid line

120m should be just perfect on my Biomaster C2000S spool and I'm looking forward to trying this one out.

I have some new bits and bobs for Bass fishing to show off in the next couple of days, so stay tuned.

Tight lines.