Saturday, 22 March 2014

Skid Stiks

Admittedly in my last post I did say that I didn't like blogging about tackle, but there are times when I do get slightly excited about new purchases, my latest purchase is just one of these.

The Sussex anglers known as and associated with the Bass Junkies have been using Skid Stiks for some time, and have been successfully nailing European Sea Bass on them for a couple of years now. 
They are primarily a top water lure designed for US gamefish such as Striper Bass and Blues, they look and feel insanely good value for money, in fact I purchased three of them for the price of a standard Japanese Bass lure, that's including delivery!
Also included were a few for field testing purposes and as soon as this truly awful weather passes I will be out with them, I am positive they'll nail some Welsh silver soon.

Top Water lures

There are several colours in the range and they come in 8, 5 and 4 inch lengths, the ones I have are the later two and weigh in at 3/4oz and 1/2oz respectively.
You can view the range here; and can be purchased from here;

I have to say I really like the 4" Rainbow Smelt pattern, I think it would be a good summer Pike lure in Trout reservoirs too.