Monday, 1 December 2014

Slowing up now

I went out with Jon again yesterday in the hope of Herring at Holyhead breakwater and though we saw a few, they were beyond casting distance. We hadn't planned to stay long, basically we made our way up to "Corkwing Corner" and back again, casting as we went. Aside from the odd bit of surface activity, there wasn't much happening, Jon caught a tiny pollock and on my very last cast I hooked into a nice fighting Wrasse. 

The fish actually took my Aquawave Straight on a 1g Rockbait jig head, in pretty shallow water and tight against the wall. Jon also had to handling it up for me as he had gloves on, when I tried the 0.5PE braid just cut into my hands, anyway a nice first fish in my opinion.

We went over to the "Ranges" after that and visited a spot where I've enjoyed good fishing before, unfortunately the fishing remained tough. I am not sure why, but the Pollock have seemed to be a bit scarce of late. The ground screamed Pollock; a nice amount of current and a nice back eddie, yet nothing. I did pick up three more Wrasse, one to a Texas rigged HTO mini Stick and two to 4"Gulp! Sandworm and Jon caught a specimen sized Corkwing Wrasse (not featured).

We made another short move before calling it a day. It was a nice spot and I mainly just took some photo's of the area and Jon fishing.

It really does seem to be difficult out there now, I don't know whether its just the time of year, or whether its the unsettled conditions. We have barely had a sustained wind direction and that doesn't help, I'd sure like to find some decent Pollock though, the only ones I've had lately have been tiny, a bit like this one caught on Barmouth Breakwater on Thursday;

On the whole the fishing hasn't been as satisfying as last year I guess, some of that is largely down to health issues, I think that when your mind is on so much other stuff, its impossible to be on top of your game. Still I am fortunate to live by the coast and catch a few, many would like to be in my shoes I am sure and there will be better days.

Tight lines