Thursday, 22 September 2016

Soft and Slow

I think it happens to be quite strange that last night when conversing with Scott via text I remarked that I had hardly used soft lures this year and indeed I have really enjoyed fishing with jigs and plugs for the most part. 
Funny thing when today the fish just seemed to change their preferences, although I had some fish on jigs, soft lures by far won the day, mostly fished OTD or retrieved slowly with the odd twitch.

2" Sawamura One up Shad 
2" Keitech Swim impact
2" Keitech Swim Impact
This little Wrasse was also taken on a Keitech lure.
A nice little scrapper that fell to a 2" Reins Rockvibe Shad in Watermelon.
Aside from the Keitech lures I think I actually had more fish on the Daiwa D-Tail, yet for some reason I have not a single picture of a fish with that lure.
It was quite nice to fish softies again actually and quite nice to catch a few Wrasse again too.

The weather is taking a bit of a turn again just now so I am unsure when I will be back in the Salt, these windy cycles really do make things difficult, still at least I have the lakes as a back up.

Tight lines.