Thursday, 28 June 2012

Spiky Success

Being a Brit the weather is never far from conversation and the conversation has been particularly poor this June. The rain and wind seem to be incessant, though two nights this week I have managed after work sessions and two nice sessions at that.

Tuesday night I decided to take my Daiwa Infeet 83T rated 2-8g, Shimano Exage 1000fc and a selection of lrf lures down my local beach to see what I could pluck out. The beach is not exactly classic lrf terrain, rather it features miles of sand and shallow water. However I have seen plenty of flat fish here before and thought to my self I would try for these.
After tackling up with a 3g Cultiva Mebaru shot and a Gulp Sandworm at the business end, I worked the beach fishing very slowly in the hope of a Turbot. I fished for an hour or so with no bites but I was not to despondent as I had not expected to catch anyway. I watched the Sun setting and the sky change colour, I was in awe of the stunning place in which I live.

After taking a few pictures I changed my lure to a 2" pearl Gulp fish fry and cast into the now pushing tide and received my first bite, on my second cast with the fish fry I winkled out a small spiky fish.

A Lesser Weever! Not what I had hoped for but welcome all the same. Another species for the list this year and a blank beaten, I returned home happy enough.

Wednesday, after seeing it had stopped raining around 16:00, I decided to go out when I returned home from work. I got home around 18:40, had a brew, got my kit together, waders on and out the door.
Arrived at the beach and the water was coloured and choppy, I did not expect to catch a lot.

I started to work the shore line with a Gulp Sandworm on a 2.5g Decoy head, but despite a few shy bites I had no hookups.
The beach here has some relatively strong currents and being sand can change quite often, so I went on a search for features. I found a nice looking gully that was interesting some Gulls and waded into about 1.5 feet of water, casting up current and allowing the lure to wash down and into the gully. Fishing very slow, I started to get bites.

Soon enough I got a good take, a nice scrap before landing a nice spiky schoolie;

Not having a great deal of success this year with the Bass, I was very happy!

A few more casts later I hooked another Weever that wriggled off as I lifted it from the water.
Cast in again, allowed the lure to wash and started a slow retrieve, I had a better take and a nicer scrap before Bass number two was landed;

Berkley Gulp Fish Fry

Ima Turtle head

54cm of prime fighting Bass and excellent fun on the ultralight gear.
As the tide pushed the fishing went off the boil and after finding the path off the beach in the dark, I returned home a very satisfied angler.