Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Stingers at Sundown.

I am currently exploring my local beach with the light tackle and as I mentioned before it is maybe not the ideal or classic lrf terrain. I am wanting to explore and find out exactly what species lurk here that will take a lure. So far I have had Bass and Weever, so yesterday after work I went out in search of another that I had also caught last year; a Turbot.

Well I got to the shore as the tide was still quite low. I worked the various sandy gullies with 3g jig heads and Gulp lures, I soon started getting bites and caught a succession of Lesser Weevers.

Not really what I had hoped for, but the rod I was using (Daiwa Infeet 83T) does cast better with a 2.5g+  jig head and means it is harder to work higher in the water, in order to escape them. However I feel it is better to catch what's there than not catch at all and it is good practice and fun.
A few more casts and slow retrieves and I did indeed get my target species, albeit a tiny one with a touch of attitude.

It never ceases to amaze me how aggressive these fellas can be, last year I caught one not much bigger than this on an 18cm lure! I would very much like to catch a decent sized one though.
Anyway thats 3 species this year off a shallow sandy beach and brings my total tally to 8 I think, which is way behind some of my friends but theres time yet.

The rest of the evening saw in a lot of other Weevers, which I must admit become a bit of a pest after a while and I could not believe I caught so many without being stung. Have I jinxed myself now? Good job I am not superstitious.

After a gorgeous sunset I caught a few more and decided to call it a night as I had work in the morning and didn't fancy unhooking more of these in the dark. They look nice and still here but they are quite wriggly when trying to unhook and had a few near misses.

Lets hope I can find some more species along my local beach before the year is out, but never let anyone tell you you cannot catch on such a beach with lrf gear. At the end of the day unless you get out and try, you will never know what's out there will you?

Till next time, tight lines!