Sunday, 12 August 2012

Goals accomplished

Wednesday was another cracking day weather wise and I was at the beach during the day with my Wife and Children. When at the beach I can't help viewing the sea and whats going on for fishing information, viewing a few good signs I decided to hit the beach for an evening session.

If I am honest I was hoping for a Bass or two, I have yet to catch a Bass on my Blue Current and would like to know how it feels. Moving from feature to feature though I was only picking up Weever fish and was getting a bit sick of them. I tried various lures to avoid them and varying retrieves, but they are persistent buggers and I did not manage to avoid them totally.
I did however hit into a larger fish as it started to get dark and lost it, then another and lost that! I couldn't work out what they were, as it felt like Mackerel but have never seen them on my local. After a very frustrating half hour I hooked into another and was surprised as I lifted it out of the water, it was a Garfish!

lrf lure
Caught on a Maria paddle tail and ima Turtlehead.

It was a very welcome surprise! I have been unsuccessfully targeting them at another mark and had no idea they would turn up here. I now know why I lost the other two, as Garfish are renown for chucking a lure last minute. I returned home buzzing!
I did go out the next night armed with silk hooks and spinners but had no more, I did catch more Weever.

Saturday was my next time out and I had arranged to meet fellow Lure Forum member Gary Hay and go for a fish on the Lleyn Peninsula. Gary had never caught a Bass or a Wrasse on lure so I decided to show him a mark where a few species can be caught.
Hitting the Shore about 4:30am on an ebbing tide, I knew we were in good chance of a Bass or two. I gave Gary my best spot and instructed him on where to cast, Gary chose to use his ima Salt Skimmer and it wasn't long before la fish was putting a bend in his new Tenryu Rod Bar.

The fish were small but hitting the lures at range made it some serious fun! Gary had another three before the sun came up fully and the action died off, I was very pleased for him and a weight was off my shoulders too.

I managed two, one on a Xorus Patchinko 100 and one also on a Salt Skimmer. Here's a picture of the second.

After the action had died I changed to Fishing for Wrasse HRF style, a 3" texas rigged Senko at the business end and I soon winkled out this Wrasse.

He put up quite a scrap and is my biggest lure caught Wrasse to date, I usually catch smaller fish using my LRF setup. I was quite pleased and it was another goal accomplished.
Gary was fishing with small lures in more of an LRF style and was busy catching a lot of Pollock, though it wasn't long before he had his first lure caught Wrasse.

Gary's smile says it all and he smiled all day whilst absolutely hammering the area. Gary way out fished me, having around 60 Pollock, 20 Ballan Wrasse, a few Corkwing Wrasse and 4 Bass. It was insane, I have never seen someone begin lrf this way. I couldn't work it out and when I asked Gary said "I am only doing what you told me." I have never caught that many Wrasse in one session! He did brilliantly.

I was tempted at times to fish lrf, especially seeing the amount he was catching, but I was determined to get to grips with HRF a bit more and I did manage a few more fish. Heres a some of the fish I caught.

It proved to me that fishing bigger lures does get you bigger fish, but it would seem fishing smaller does get you more, well at least that was the case from this mark!

Gary was great company and a fish catching machine. I was so pleased to be able to put him on to the fish, I just had never anticipated him doing so well and completely wiping the floor with me numbers wise! Here's another picture of Gary with one of his many Pollock.

All in all it was a good end to my two weeks off work. I finally managed to land a Garfish, finally caught some bigger Wrasse using heavier gear and Gary managed to pop his Bass and Wrasse cherry.

'Til next time, Tight lines!