Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Mid Week Report.

Last week I have spent some much needed time with my family, I had my Mother and Niece visiting from back home in Suffolk. Proper nice time and a reminder that life is more than fishing.

That being said, I did pop out for a short session with my friend Tim on Saturday night. There are no fish to report, aside from a couple of lame rises to my Patchinko 100 there was little action. But fishing is more than fish, the company was great and the scenery stunning.

Sunday morning and my Mum and Niece sadly departed for home. 
My daughter was also going to a friends on the peninsula, so after checking the weather I decided to go on a little solo camp in Uwchmynydd. I have had a lot of fish there this year and the scenery is awesome. 
I found a Campsite called Ty Newydd and at 10 quid I night I decided to stay two nights. Lovely, just me, my tent, rods, reels and lures.

After setting up my tent I headed down the cliffs to a familiar mark.

The weird thing though, was the fishing was unusually slow! I usually have a lot of Pollock here at least, yet Sunday I had a few Pollock and small Wrasse. Nothing like the numbers of Pollock I am used to though.

Fishing Llyn Peninsula

I went for a walk to explore the coastline and just take in the breathtaking scenery.

Bardsey Island

Nice looking Mark! 
The fringes of Mark 1
There were all the right features, yet so few fish!? I persevered for a while before returning to my tent.

After a sketchy nights sleep, I headed out around 04:30 and fished with my Megabass XOR Shadow 85L rod and a Megabass Bubble Header jig on the business end. Fishing a very deep spot I had a few Mackerel.

I really enjoy shore jigging for Mackerel, I know they're easy to catch but they are a nice looking fish and they fight very well for their size. Fishing for them with jigs is also fun and wish that tinsel chuckers would cotton on to that fact, they'd have a much better time.

I was joined by a Seal and the fishing died off, I therefore decided to move to another spot.
Texas rigging a X-layer I was hoping for a Wrasse, although I have never caught on a X-Layer before and think they are overpriced rubbish.
Well I couldn't find any Wrasse but did finally catch on the X-Layer.

Could've caught that on my LRF stuff and my view of the X-Layer hasn't changed!
Changing to a cheap 3" Wave GrassCraw, I caught a better fish. At first I thought it was a Wrasse, as it was choosing to stay deep and holed up under a submerged ledge. I let out some slack and the fish took a run before I got it to the surface.

Uwchmynydd Fishing

For its size it put up one heck of a scrap and though looking a bit tired, he swam off strongly.
I had a few more smaller Pollock before moving to another spot.

Again I was hoping for bigger Wrasse than I usually get and tried out a variety of lures. I ended up fishing a Texas Rigged 6" Gulp Sandworm and started getting small pecks, I knew it was a Wrasse but also knew it was small. Out came the LRF gear and I fished a variety of lures before scaling right down to the faithful ima Trilobite (ss), on a decoy size 8.

Got him!

 A beautifully coloured Wrasse and well worth the effort! Even though small, I really like lrf Wrasse,  they each have such individual character and are a lot of fun on the light gear.

The Sun had gotten to me by this stage and I returned to the tent for a cat nap and some refreshment before heading out again around sixish.

I only took the lrf gear this time and after scaling the rocks again, I caught a couple more Wrasse and a few more Pollock.

The above three were all caught on Texas rigged softies and below a Quantum Mahi jig tipped with Power Isome, a trick I learned from watching Ben Field on his Sky Video.

I left for the tent thinking the days fishing should have been better and perhaps I need to fish with some Rockfishing experts, who can show me a trick or two. I can't complain though, I didn't blank and am learning slowly.
I did get out this morning for a half hearted fish before returning home, but have nothing to report there.

I have enjoyed this week so far and still love the Lleyn Peninsula's tip. Even though the fishing was slow, It's a truly brilliant place with great views and plenty of wildlife to stimulate the senses, a great place to watch the sunset too!

I still have 'til Monday off work and will hopefully bring another report by then.

Tight lines!