Sunday, 21 October 2012

Turbo tactics.

Yesterday I was talking to a friend who has been trying to catch Turbot with his mate, it's actually the two that got me into fishing light Schogsky and Hutch. They hadn't had any success but had a great time on the Bass and Gobies instead.

Anyway, today was a really nice day and the wind was light, so I decided to fish light and go Turbot hunting and prove my advice to Scott. 
I arrived on an ebbing tide and rigged up a Gulp Sandworm on a 2.5g Decoy head. There was a fair bit of movement in the water and this is the reason I was fishing with quite a heavy jig head. For Turbot I have found that you do want your lure to make good contact with the bottom at times.
I headed up the beach to a couple of places I have had success with Turbot before, but wasn't getting any bites, I therefore headed up to an area where I could wade past some rocks and fish the sand behind.
I know full well there are Turbot here, although they are rarely of any size. There was quite a bit of loose weed floating around and I knew it was going to be tough. I wasn't getting anything on the sandworm so changed to a 2" Gulp fish fry in Pearl rigged on a 3g ima Turtlehead and on about the third cast I had a hit on the drop. I allowed the bite to develop for a couple of seconds before setting the hook and I had a small fish on, after a short time I reeled in a small Turbot and a clump of weed.

Flatfish lrf

I carried on in this area for a while and was getting the occasional bite but the weed was becoming unbearable, I made the decision to head back down the beach and try for flounder.

I fished where there is a storm drain leaking fresh water into the sea, these areas are often productive for flatfish. I stayed with the ima head but rigged up a natural coloured sandworm. Again, on about my third cast I had a bite and again let it develop while keeping minimal tension, I set the hook and had another fish. I could tell it was a little bigger than the last, but not much and after a wee fight I was a little surprised when I pulled out another Turbot.

lrf Flatfish

Light Game Turbot

Very shortly after I had another one that took the lure after a short retrieve and dead stick.

Upon looking at the pictures I am not 100% certain it's not the same fish, what do you think? This one put up a slightly better fight and on unhooking it regurgitated a small sandeel, which was a bit of a surprise. 

The sun was now setting and at this time the Sand Eel bury themselves and the Turbot action tends to die off. It was a beautiful sunset too.

Just at this time I caught two species of by-catch in the form of a Weever (which I did not take a picture of but shook off the hook) and a Bass, which put up a spirited fight.

Bass Lures

A very enjoyable afternoons fishing with a couple of surprises, the main one being the Turbot on a sandworm as I haven't caught one on those before.
Another satisfying session though and was content enough as I made my walk home.

Tight lines all and thanks for reading.