Monday, 22 October 2012

What a difference a night can make!

Well after having quite a bit of fun yesterday and with having another day off today, I decided to head out and try the same tactics today.
I was considering taking out the regular Bass gear out as I knew it was going to be overcast and to be honest I wish I had.

I arrived at the beach around 10am, the water was noticeably more coloured and there was a swell building. I was also fishing a different stage of the tide to yesterday and sort of wanted to prove that flattie fishing is better around low water, that is certainly what I have found in the past.
Anyway, I was using the same setup as yesterday and fishing the same places, as well as some other spots along the beach. After about ten minutes I had a strong bite and a run, I knew it wasn't a Turbot, rather it was a Bass. Only a small one but put up a respectable fight for its size.

I fished the same area for a while, but strangely I was not getting anymore bites and therefore moved along a little. Well I had a cracker of a hit on my second spot and my reel was screaming. It was another Bass and I had a big smile knowing it was a good one. I then made a silly error and tried to turn the Bass to quickly into the run and ping, the Bass was gone! I was gutted, I had that feeling of both an adrenaline rush and deep frustration.
I cast out to the same area a few times but was getting nothing, I was really disappointed. I thought I would text Scott and tell him about my lost fish. I cast out and let the lure sit and got my phone out, as the lure was deadsticking, a fish hit the lure with an aggressive take. A bit of a consolation prize though, as it was just a small one.

A few casts later and I had the telltale thump of a small flattie, as usual I let the bite develop and set the hook after a few seconds. A wee fight ensued before I had another Turbot landed.

At this point the day was looking ok, but shortly afterwards, a cold North East wind blew up and the swell grew. Things became very tough, I lost a Turbot and despite the odd small pluck did not get another fish before the tide started to ebb and again, and that was in the form of a small Bass.

Despite trying a variety of lures and tactics, all my fish fell to the 4 inch natural Gulp Sandworm rigged on an ima turtlehead. Can't beat the Gulp in my opinion, It tends to be a more consistent lure type than any of my other baits.
I realise I can't complain too much about the fishing, at least I didn't blank! With the hours I was out and with the overcast sky, I did expect more. Oh well I guess that's just fishing and it still certainly beats a day at work.
I am also learning quite a lot about what I can pick up, when and where, on marks I had not fished a great deal until this year. Those things are only things you can learn by putting in the time and hard work and are part of the joy of fishing.

I am off to Jersey on the 1st of November and that will probably be my next outing. I'm very much looking forward to being there and seeing what Jersey has to offer. I'm also looking forward to fishing  with friends and meeting a few people from the Lure Forum for the first time. I will hopefully bring a good report.

'Til then, tight lines and thanks for reading.