Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Shimano Biomaster addition.

As you probably know I have been using a Shimano Biomaster 1000FB for my light game duties of late and I really rate the reel. At 205g it feels really quite nice on my Yamaga Blanks Blue Current 74 and is certainly a little workhorse. It's a very robust reel and has some nice features including Shimano's X-Ship.

A couple of things did bother me slightly about the reel though, the first is the excessive amount of mono backing required to fill the spool with braid, the other was that at times I was feeling I was not getting quite the distance in casting I sometimes require, even when using the infeet 83.
I considered buying a new reel and I was looking at 2000S and 2500S sized reels from Japan, (the later size is becoming increasingly popular in light game circles) financial constraints were putting a strain on that idea though. So to cut a long story short, I found out that the Japanese C2000S spools are compatible with the 1000S Biomaster and I therefore wondered if the C2000S spool would be compatible with the Euro 1000FB. After asking around and comparing the exploded diagrams I felt OK to take an educated punt and ordered a spool from the incredibly helpful people at Japan pro fishing.
I was a tad reticent and concerned the spool may not fit, but after receiving it all my fears were laid to rest.

Having a larger diameter than the 1000FB it will facilitate a slightly longer cast and certainly does not need a lot of backing. I think I shall order another spool for fluorocarbon use to as having the shallow spool should negate some of the memory issues with that type of line.

The line lay is great too and with just a few turns of 1.7lb backing, the spool loaded nicely with 150 meters of 0.4 PE Sunline Small game braid. The braid should also allow me to hit a better distance too, as I was using 0.6 PE before. Here's a picture of the reel loaded so you can see the line lay;

I'm pleased with not having to fork out for a new reel and in fact I still payed less than the usual UK  retail price for the reel including the new spool, with a little shopping around Euro sites. OK so its not the most exciting post going, but damn I love saving myself money!

Tight lines.