Thursday, 21 March 2013

Bass on my Brain!

I haven't been out lure fishing for a little while now and though I intended to go out today, the wind is howling and the temperature is biting.
March is nearly through and my thoughts have been increasingly turning to Bass fishing. It seems like too long ago since I felt the head shakes and weight of a good Sea Bass and I am just dying to get into them once more.

This time last year the weather was remarkably different and on April the 1st I caught 2012's first Bass which fell to what is possibly my favourite Bass lure; the Tackle House Feed Shallow in rainbow pearl.

I really hope to catch one earlier this year, April is the earliest I have ever caught Bass on lure and although catching them on bait seems to be much more productive earlier in the year, it just doesn't have the same buzz for me.

Catching early season last year filled me with excitement and anticipation for the then coming season, I had expected a good year. 
That was certainly not the case, in fact 2012 was my worst year for Bass to date, my tally was way down. The lack of success was largely down to poor weather conditions on my days off work, the other main reason was  because I spent a lot of time light gaming for other species too. 
Obviously I picked up a few Bass while out with the light game gear and enjoyed those moments intensely, the most memorable Bass was the one I picked up whilst targeting Flounder.

Yamaga Blanks Blue Current

Of course I certainly do not regret targeting other species and still intend to do a fair bit this year.
I hope however, to be able to target Bass more regularly and I am seriously hoping for better weather, I would like to get out on my local marks a lot more often. I would also like to beat my personal best of alb and am thinking of methods and marks to help me achieve that goal.

I'm also very much looking forward to fishing with my friend Tim, who regularly holidays here and is a bit of a Bass nut. Funnily he arrives around the same time as the Bass each year!

Myself and Tim have had some really good fishing together and a good laugh is always guaranteed even if the Bass aren't biting!

But there's no getting away from it, I Bass on my brain! I have some new lures on order from Shimreels Tackle and I am just so looking forward to spring/summer Dawn and Dusk raids. I look forward to being waist deep in water and casting shallow divers, surface lures and soft lures over the reefs and sand bars. Lets just hope with the prolonged winter this year, that summer will be good and consistent!

Tight lines all.