Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A small session after work.

I am pleased to report that Ben caught his first Bass of the year last night. A good achievement in my opinion, as it was on a totally new mark to him and he sussed it all without help.

I asked Ben if he'd like to meet up and have a fish at one of my marks, being enthused by his recent success he agreed to meet at 20:00.
We fished a rising tide under a setting sun, there was lots of surface activity and we felt optimistic. I was using my Yamaga Blanks Blue Current 80 and was therefore fishing a bit lighter than Ben.

For a time we were getting follows and bites but no hook ups, well aside from a Weever fish for me.
But as high water arrived and covered some of the boulders, we caught some fish.

I was in first, snaffling a schoolie on my Aldente 95s.

Bass Lures

Then Ben caught one on his Xorus Patchinko.

Then I caught a couple more and lost a couple;

Bass Lures

Lures For Bass

We called it a day after a few fish, as we both have work in the morning and were being eaten alive by Gnats!
None of the fish were any size at all, but fun on the Blue Current and light lines nonetheless. It was also good to meet up with Ben and show him some of my haunts.

Thanks for reading.
Tight lines!