Sunday, 7 July 2013

Snap, Cuckoo and Plop.

Very recently I have acquired a fishing buddy; Ben Edwards whom I know through the Lure Forum has moved ho my neck of the woods. Its very good news as I have been wanting a fellow angling nut to do trips with for a while.

We met up today and had decided to head on to the Llyn Peninsula for a spot of Pollock fishing. We set out this morning at 09:00 with the sun beating down on us.
We arrived at our mark on an ebbing tide around 10:30 and tackled up. Having been to the mark before I knew there were Wrasse to be had there and I started fishing with a Jika rigged creature bait, whilst  Ben was using a heavy carolina type rig with a drilled bullet sinker.
We fished for an hour or so without much action at all, we had changed lures and tactics several times and both ended up fishing a heavy carolina rig. We were literally about to move to a different location when Ben's rod hooped over and a spirited fight ensued. At this point I gave Ben some coaching in the words of "stop fannying about and get it in!" Ben being the type to heed good advice landed not only the first fish of the day, but also the biggest!

Strangely as Ben was unhooking his fish we notice that the tip of his new Savage gear BushWhacker had snapped, this did put a little downer on the experience but thankfully Ben had bought a spare setup.
Ben tackled up again and before I knew it Ben was in again, this time to a smaller fish. When surfaced,  it had Ben in a confused state; "what on earth is this blue and orange thing" said Ben, right before it dawned on him that he had caught a Cuckoo Wrasse, and a cracker too!

It was truly an exciting moment, neither of us had ever seen one in the flesh and we haven't heard of many, if any being caught from shore in North Wales before, let alone on lure!

With this all going on I asked Ben what lure was doing the damage, he told me "its a cheap curlytail from AGM" and I promptly nicked one off him! Sure enough they were doing the damage and with it I managed to beat my blank.

It was great the fishing had switched on and we both had a fairly decent numbers of Pollock for an hour or so before the fish seemed to switch off again.

Around 14:00 we made the decision to move to a different mark. We had originally wanted to go and fish for Wrasse and Bass on the North coast, but with a stiff northerly blowing this was not going to be possible.
At this point we went on an exploratory trip around the coast and found a nice shallow reefy looking mark. Ben had his heart set on Bass as he has yet to catch one on lure this year and I had my heart set on Wrasse, as I am missing catching them in a big way. 
We split up for a short time and I went off in search of Wrasse. I clipped on a Fiiish Black Minnow 90 and made my casts. It wasn't long before I had a small Ballan.

It wasn't exactly the size I hoped for, but thats the story of my life, nevertheless it was the target species!
From there I had a succession of small Pollock, which fell to either the Fiiish Black Minnow or the Madness Bakuree Tail 86, which I rigged on a 10g Cannelle articulated head.

As the tide rose, myself and Ben found ourselves being cut off on our reef and had to make a speedy retreat, myself getting wet feet and Ben making a hairy jump to avoid getting wet.
After getting ourselves out of our predicament, we headed to Pwllheli Kebab joint for a bite to eat and discussed our next move. We decided to fish a spot on the way home in the hope of some Bass. We unfortunately didn't catch any but it did give me the chance to try some new lures, most of which were used to try and retrieve my expensive suntan lotion that I lost to the sea!
With that last plop, we decided to return home, satisfied with a few fish, good company and a good day in the sun.

The next mission will be to get Ben his Bass, so watch this space!

Thanks for reading and tight lines.