Thursday, 5 September 2013

Top Water Bassing

With some nice tides on the cards today, but with only a couple of hours spare I decided to fish a high tide mark. The mark itself is shallow and rough. You can really only fish it for a couple of hours, after that the ground just becomes too snaggy and difficult.

On arrival I clipped on my Heddon Super Spook Jnr in Chartreuse and cast out. Tap, pause, tap tap, pause on the retrieve. I was about three casts in and the lure was nearly at my feet, when my lure was engulfed with an almighty splash, it was like someone just threw a boulder in the water. It took me totally by surprise and my heart raced.
The fish made a straight beeline for this rock;

I tried to pull it away knowing this was the fish I had been looking for like all year, yet under it went and like that my braid was severed on the submerged barnacles! Adrenaline turned to bewilderment and then a sickness in my stomach that I cannot even describe, I had lost a cracking fish and left my one and only Heddon lure in its mouth, I was totally gutted!

With a sullied feeling and shaky hands I tied another leader and clipped on my Zipbaits Fakie Dog. I worked the lure in a similar fashion to the way I was working the Super Spook Jnr and before long I had a take and a feisty fish of around 3lb was landed.

Zipbaits Fakie Dog

North Wales Fishing

I was getting lots of boils and a couple of them sizeable, but as the tide receded I knew I had lost my only chance of a decent fish, I did manage a couple more schoolies.

Zipbaits Fakie Dog

Surface lures for Bass

Bass on Lures

My walk home was filled with mixed feelings; relief that I didn't blank, disappointment on losing the biggest lunker I've ever hooked and guilt for leaving a fish swimming with a lure attached. I had thoughts of "what could I have done differently", "did I do something wrong" etc. I think I just have to put it down as one of those things and continue searching for my girl.
Yet I do know this; it makes it difficult to feel content with saying "all my fish were released".

Tight lines all!