Sunday, 1 September 2013

Chilling on the Llyn Peninsula.

With the very small tides this weekend I just could not be bothered fishing for Bass, they are about but they are few and far between in this area. To be honest I've had a challenging run with the Bass of late and couldn't be bothered anyway. Perhaps when all the holiday makers and pleasure craft owners go home, things will pick up again.

I therefore decided to head up the peninsula today, I originally wanted to fish the deep water at the very end, but the wind and swell prevented me.
I opted for the shelter of a nice little spit on he North for some light rock antics, I wanted nothing too serious, just some fun.

Arriving on an ebbing tide things were hard going to be honest, I saw some mini species swimming around a stone breakwater and realised I had left my small hooks at home. Rummaging around my gear I did find one and rigged a dropshot rig with a piece of Gulp! Sandworm as a lure/bait.
I had a short succession of tiny Pollock.

They are a bit boring to be fair and it would have been nice to get some small Wrasse species or something,  I guess you just have to catch whats there.

I decided on a short move and on my way I found a critter basking on the path, I do like finding beasties on my jaunts!

Climbing on to an outcrop I changed my lure to an ima Trilobite rigged on a weedless jighead and fished "on the drop".  The occasional Pollock was landed.

Yamaga Blanks Blue Current

I then tried some Yoshikawa Paddle-tails  I bought off of eBay for 99p, I wasn't expecting much, but they are excellent! Fishing OTD again, I had plenty of little Pollock.

Morfa Nefyn Fishing

Morfa Nefyn Fishing

As the tide turned I caught a Ballan Wrasse on one too. Wrasse are quite possibly my favourite species, full of character and colour !

LRF Wrasse

Fishing North Wales

A shoal of Mackerel fry swam into the cove I was fishing in and they were getting smashed by the Pollock. Mackerel fry are just amazing to look at and they have a really superb colouration.
These Mackerel fry were darting about, trying to escape the feisty Pollock that had them corralled in the cove. I matched the fry as near as I could with a Tict dart jighead and the smallest ima Trilobites. Twitching the lure to make it dart near the surface three or four times before letting it fall proved absolutely deadly and I was getting near a Pollock per cast!

ima Trilobite

Tict LRF

Tict Rockfishing

I picked up another Wrasse on the same technique too.

Light Game

I finished my session with a few more Pollock and a few Blennies whilst on the way back to the car. Catching Blennies is just sheer childish fun yet strangely addictive, I have Scott to blame for this!

The session turned out just the way I wanted it to; fun and fish filled!

Till next time, tight lines.