Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year!

I trust you have all had a good Christmas and New Year! 

During all the festivities I finished my angling year the way it began - back in Suffolk. I was across visiting my family but on New Years Eve I snuck out to that little mark which holds fond memories, to have another stab at the Pike. Enduring freezing cold conditions and heavy rain I managed to pluck out just one small Jack from the coloured water, the fish fell to the 2.8" Illex Method Shad.

Lure and Light Game

Not exactly epic, but it was my last fish of 2013 and it was quite nice to bring the year a full circle with the same species as I started with.

As far as fishing in 2014 goes, for me it will be business as usual; I shall be trying to crack the bigger Bass marks on my own territory and just having fun with the light game. Some friends and I have a little trip to Menorca in the pipeline for the back end of the year and I shall hopefully wet a line in Turkey when I am over there in May.

Who knows exactly what 2014 will bring, but I am hoping it will be a year of good things for all.

Happy New Year and tight lines! 

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