Friday, 18 April 2014

Dim Mynadd

"Dim mynadd"is a Welsh phrase which translates roughly, "can't be bothered" in English and its a phrase that would sort of sum up my lure fishing so far this year. I am not sure quite whats up, but I just do not seem to be getting into it as much at the moment, I think to some degree my pursuit of a PB Bass last year and failure to meet that target has knocked me quite a bit. 
I have had a few futile attempts at catching Bass and while I realise it is still early for them, I feel a bit like jacking it in already, its a very strange feeling to be honest.

I have actually been doing a bit more bait fishing this year and that has been quite a nice change, its been relaxing too. I haven't caught anything of note really, small Turbot, Flounder and Dogfish, but I have enjoyed just sitting back and watching my tip lights dance. I do expect to do a bit more of it this year and I am currently considering a new blog, I feel it would be out of place putting bait reports on here, we'll see though.

I did get a few hours light gaming in yesterday, I was fishing for mini species and for the most part used  hooks no bigger than #10.
Again I can see myself investing more time into my light game throughout 2014 and I am currently looking to upgrade some kit, there will be more on that at a later date.
Here's a few photo's I quite like from yesterdays session;