Thursday, 1 May 2014

New Kit.

Over the slow months when I should really be learning to drive (its about time!), I have been buying new kit. For too long now I have been wanting to solve some niggling issues that just make my life a little difficult. Things like containers used for Berkley Gulp products leaking, too many softie boxes and a non convenient bag for strolling through town on my way to a harbour.

However! Before I show off the more practical (boring) products, I shall mention a new Rockfish rod I have purchased. 
Reading this blog you'll know how much I rate my Yamaga Blanks Bluecurrents and really they are lovely rods, which I intend to carry on using. However, I did find myself sometimes wanting a little more power than the BLC-80 has to offer, the 80 is a great rod but has quite a soft blank and is limited in how aggressively you can sometimes work a lure. 
Anyways to overcome this issue and with the help of a friend in Tokyo I bought a new rod;

The Breaden TR85 "PE Special" Houri Island.

Glamour Rockfish

Glamour Rockfish

Its a beautiful piece of kit and I am incredibly pleased with it. The rod is unbelievably sensitive, balanced, powerful and well made. It's exquisite to use with Vibes and Jigs, but is a pretty versatile all round rod with an incredible casting range, I am very much looking forward to using it more throughout the year!

So the rest of my niggling issues!
Firstly I have been using my RBB vest for pretty much all my lure fishing for the past two years and as good as it is, its a bit bulky and cumbersome, its also a pain in the arse always swapping out gear for different sessions. I really needed a decent bag for specifically light game and have found my current solution in the Geecrack Shoulder bag.

Its a pretty cool bag with loads of pockets to store everything I could possibly need on a long day session!

My last issues were sorted out by the best box manufacturer I know of - Meiho!
I became sick and tired of using lots of little boxes to store my softs, I was always annoyed picking through several worm cases before finding the one I wanted. I was tired of doing the same for jigs and vibes too.
Lastly I was becoming increasingly frustrated with so called "watertight" boxes that leaked stinky gulp juice all over the place, the stuff wreaks! 
So, on to the solutions;

The Meiho Feeder Box 800NS.

The Meiho W Form Case.

The Meiho VS Liquid Pack.

Well there you go, stuff that works, at least for now!
Time to get on with some fishing now I think, tight lines :)