Thursday, 26 June 2014

Light Wrassing

Sorry for the lack of reports of late, I've had a hectic time lately and I am in the process of moving house.
I did manage to redeem a day yesterday and had a cracking time on the Llyn peninsula targeting rockies.
I figured it would be a good chance to try out some HTO lures I have just acquired and boy did they exceed expectations. I was mainly using the HTO Mini Sticks and Mini Shads, they looked perfect for T-rigging, so I used a #4 or #6 weedless hook and 2g cone weights, a pretty perfect combo in my opinion.

The first Gully I arrived at, I caught two Wrasse on the first two drops and working along the coastline I had some pretty consistent action.
These lures look really good underwater and have a really nice shimmer to them when falling through the water column, they certainly triggers some very positive takes. I did get busted up twice by a couple of decent fish, thats was a shame but par for the course at times.

The Scorpion fish seemed to like them also. They are not the easiest species to catch on a weedless hook either and for one I changed to an Aquavave Straight rigged on a 1.5g Aquawave Lockhead.

Aquawave Lockhead

All in all a very enjoyable session and hugely needed, hopefully I'll find time to get some more action soon.

Tight lines