Sunday, 6 July 2014

HTO Mini Shads

Lately, I still haven't been getting out as often as I'd like, hopefully as soon as I've gotten through all the decorating I have to do I shall be able to put the hours in again.
Still its nice to get out on the shore when I can and it makes every fish a little more special just now.

I was to trying to target Turbot the other night and did hook one, yet I lost it at my feet! I was fuming to be fair and despite my best efforts I couldn't get another, for the Weevers were rather liking my Mini Shads.

I literally had tons of the things that evening and a couple of near misses with this venomous fins and Gill plates, I think its high time I bought a mini lip grip!

I managed a couple of hours out today, which was very pleasing. I fished one of my favourite estuary marks and it was a beautiful sunny day with a SW blowing and even though the tides are small there were still plenty of fish about. However, the strange thing was; they were proving bloody hard to catch!
I eventually got one on an Ayu HTO Mini Shad rigged on a 1.5g AquaWave Lockhead, which pleased me no end. Guessing the weight I would say about 3.5lb.

Houri Island

AquaWave Lockhead

It totally does me in when you can see fish like that yet can't get them to take! I guess it may have been conditions or they may have been transfixed on other food.

Any ways, it was still nice to catch and she felt lovely on my Breaden too.

Tight lines