Sunday, 14 September 2014

A Dire Year!

I hate writing negative stuff on my blog, but I have to report the worst year I have ever known regarding my fishing. Plagued by long periods of South-Westerlies and now Easterlies, fishing has been exceptionally tough. I haven't been out to target Bass much this year and when I have it has been disappointing at best! Even on the Wrasse front things have been poor of late, the Mackerel shoals I have enjoyed for the past two years have been absent and I have only seen short flurries of them in the distance here. Its seriously bad, you know when its this late in the season and you are now pinning your hopes on a "red letter day", that the angling is utterly crap.

I've scrutinised my fishing and can't help but wonder if I am doing something seriously wrong or if it is just poor conditions set against me?!

However, one thing I have not been short of lately is the ever invasive Lesser Weever! I keep really hoping to get some Turbot or Flounder, but my lures are ambushed on every mission by these critters!

There is genuinely only so much you can take of these and posting report after report containing Weever would be almost as boring as it is catching them!

Small Pollock are still the main catch for me in Barmouth too, equally as boring but handy for refining my Caro technique at times I suppose.

I have picked up the odd Wrasse on disastrous sessions too, but it has been far from epic. One session of late, I had plenty of bites and bitten off lures, yet failed to properly hook up time and time again, even loosing two decent ones before I finally managed one of average size. 

A similar story today only a bit worse, when I caught a Wrasse (after several moves around the coast) on a HTO pro worm only to drop it in the water before I could get a photo!
It almost seem ironic that I am made Prostaff with Tronixpro amid the worst years fishing I have ever had!

The phrase "a bad days fishing is better than a good days work" does still ring true somewhat and its still nice to be on the coast under any conditions. There are excellent experiences to be had, be it watching dolphins;

Rescuing Bull Huss;

Or just enjoying the views;

That being said I can't help feel utterly disappointed with fishing in 2014 and I am just hoping Menorca will be good and provides some kind of redemption!
I am there in just under a months time now so please send me some good fishing vibes so I can provide a worthwhile report.

Take care and tight lines for now.