Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A New Convert.

I met up with my Bass fishing buddy Tim today, its actually been the first time I have met up with him this year and it was proper good to see him. Due to health issues and the pressures of life, Tim has not been able to get out and catch this year at all, so we decided to head up to the North of the Peninsula and fish a favourite and memorable spot of ours.
The weather conditions were less than favourable, with a stiff South Easterly blowing we knew we were going to have to work for any fish. I also wanted to get Tim to try light rock fishing while we were there, so I lent him a setup so he could try it out.

I handed him my HTO Rockfish 73 set up with my Biomaster, 0.4PE braid, HTO jig heads and gulp lures, I also gave him a small amount of tuition and away he went. I was pleased to see how well he adapted to it, as he fished through the water column just taking up slack when needed. There was a fair amount of tidal movement which was pretty good, but I expected the wind to cause him more problems than it did.
Anyway, it wasn't long before Tim was catching some Pollock that were chasing Launce and fry around the gully we were fishing.

He was clearly very happy to catch his first fish of the year and I was feeling pretty satisfied too.

Well Tim was clearly getting the hang of rock fishing and didn't need any further supervision, so I fished away with my new HTO Rockfish Revolution UL, employing a few different tactics to see how she coped.
Well I am quite amazed that this rod sells at under 60 notes as it feels very nice and natural to fish with, it was proper nice to fish with a solid tipped rod for a change too. Heres a few of my captures;

Towards the end of the session Tim was actually getting a fish per cast, which culminated in a very pleasing end for us both; Tim hooked and landed his first ever Wrasse which also turned out to be the biggest fish of the day.

Well that was a cracking way to end an enjoyable day and I think its safe to say that it won't be the last time Tim downs his Bass rod in favour of some LRF!

Tight lines.