Monday, 27 October 2014

Rockfish Menorca - Calescoves to Mahon

The last day of our Rockfishing trip and I was personally feeling good, I still wanted to catch a few more fish for sure but I was feeling more relaxed about the whole thing.
We'd visited some stunning parts of the coast, caught a nice variety of fish and had some laughs along the way, but there was one place I wanted to at least see; Calescoves.

I'd spotted the place on Google Earth before we departed the UK and it really is a place of such beauty, it didn't disappoint.

Calescoves was possibly my favourite place of the trip, it was so serene and the water was quite cool, in fact I took the time to chill a couple of times.

We did catch a few fish here, mainly combers and Wrasse. We did have a load of Garfish in at one point, but they proved too small to catch in size 6 jig heads, though they definitely took a liking to my Aquawave Spark 40's.

Here's a couple of pictures including a small but perfectly formed Dusky Grouper caught by Scott;

 After the half a mile walk to the car we were incredibly thirsty and visited Nelsons bar located not far away. That was a bit of a strange place in my opinion, an English Bar ran by a couple of folk from Essex charging London prices, 11 Euros for 6 cans of Sprite! I much preferred the Spanish joints.
From Nelsons we headed Mahon way to fish Es Castell.

At Es Castell I was really feeling tired, heat rash had broken out across my back and I really just chilled while Scott searched for Gobies in order to top up his species tally, I couldn't be bothered with that.

We then moved to a spot we had fished earlier in the week; Cala Figuera.
Its quite nice and comfortable fishing there with plenty of fish to keep you occupied. The water is quite coloured so I didn't feel it necessary to mess around with non-gulp lures to be honest, this is where I feel smelly lures really give you the edge.

Initially I had a good run of Mediterranean Horse Mackerel using a Gulp Fish Fry at range on a dropshot rig. Its a shame they weren't bigger,but a nice catch anyway.

I also got my Common Pandora which I was pretty happy about indeed, they are a right nice fish and pull quite well for the size.

Scott added a Rusty Blenny to his impressive species tally;

And I caught plenty more Bream species, mostly Annular and Two Banded.

The Two Banded bream were really nice and often featured the kind of facial blue hue that you sometimes fiend on our Black Bream.

As darkness was soon expected we headed around the corner to El Funduco in the hope of Barracuda turning up. To cut a long story short, I didn't get My Barracuda, I did catch more Comber and Bream and on Scotts very last cast of the trip, managed a new species for him; a Pickerel.
A pretty nice way to end a very enjoyable trip I thought.

The very last fish of the trip and a nice reward for Scott.
I was genuinely sad to leave Menorca and would certainly like to return someday, it such a peaceful and beautiful place, with friendly people and great weather.
Our next trip is to Madeira though and I am very much looking forward to that, hopefully the anticipation shall stave the winter blues!

Tight lines all and thanks for reading.