Friday, 21 November 2014

Baby its Cold Outside!

Since returning from Menorca, conditions have been so bad locally I haven't managed to get out at all. 
The first opportunity to actually get a lure in the water came Monday last. I was down in Barmouth sorting out my rail card and had an hour or so to kill before returning home, so thought I may as well throw some lures I have been wanting to test. 
Damn it was freezing on the Breakwater, with the wind gripping me to the very bone, but it was sure nice to get a spirited run as the tide rose. I was just fishing an AquaWave Lockhead and lure in the current when a nice late season Schooly took the lure.

I was pretty pleased as that is the latest Bass I have ever caught on Lure, the conditions and water colour were less than perfect too!
I didn't stay long afterwards, but I may get down again soon, although I will wear thermals next time!

Tight lines