Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A Tidy Sunday Session

Sadly I haven't been up the peninsula much this year which has affected my fishing a fair bit, a road closure and lack of transport has confined me to local marks which I honestly find boring.
The one good thing is that when I have been on the Llyn, I have had a bloody good time and yesterday was one such day.
The wife was shopping in Abersoch so I headed for a few hours at Porth Dinllaen. It was Low tide when I arrived and there was a nice cloudy colour to the water, a 8-10 mph South Westerly blowing and a bit of swell.

Initially I tried some dropshotting but the lack of bites was quickly apparent, I had also noticed some surface disturbance so I decided to use a Shout Dangan Mame jig. These jigs are really good for working in the top few feet of water and have a lovely action on the drop too. It wasn't long before I got some takes off of small fish though, the culprit being Launce.

Tidy, blank averted! I had a few more of these fellas but as I was watching the water I saw a shoal of schoolies heading along the coast and knew where they would end up so I made a move myself.
I also knew there would be some Pollock around too so that would make me happy even if the small shoal of Bass proved difficult.

I fished a back eddie area which is fairly deep and still holds a good amount of current. My first choice of lure was a white HTO Leethal rigged on a Decoy slide bomb, these heads are wicked, being nicely shaped, articulated and weedless.
The ground isn't especially rough far out but close in where the Wrasse and Pollock are located, it is a bit snaggy indeed.
Anyway I cast my lure out and just allowed the lure to fall on a fairly slack line until it deadsticked on the bed, the lure has enough movement due to the current and articulation, the Pollock instantly agreed.

I carried on with this method and continued picking up fish until the tide started to push a bit more and the swell rose. In such conditions I really find metal jigs just fish so much better than most lures. I selected a Hart RSF 7g Jig as my 5g Dangan's were not going to quite cut it here, I must admit to selecting it because I got a load of promotional stuff from Hart earlier in the year and haven't really posted much on it so kind of felt guilty.

Working near the bottom picked me up some tiny Pollock which weren't great so I decided to work the jig more aggressively and higher in the column when my jig got slammed! A spirited fight ensued and I knew I had a better fish than the Pollock now biting, I was happy indeed to see a Small Bass darting about on the end of my line.

I really should have bought my Gorilla-pod though as placing my camera on the rocks for my "selfies didn't have the best results.
The fishing all of a sudden switched on proper and I stayed with the Hart Jig for quite some time. Schoolies, Pollock and then tons and tons of Mackerel came to the bank, I was in my element! At one point a large Seal turned up and stole a fish off of my jig right before my eyes too, I couldn't believe it!

The Bass had either switched off now or moved on and I started to get bored of the Mackerel, I was also getting a bit of a head ache being dehydrated and in the hot sun so I headed for a drink at the Ty Coch pub and chatted outside with some holiday makers about my day, I was a bit excited and smug to be fair.
Sadly there was only time for the one drink as the place closes at 5 on a Sunday which was a bit crap. Only one thing for it then; head along for a stab at the Wrasse before getting picked up.
The Wrasse hadn't really been interested it seemed today, but I managed to winkle out one n a Leethal and the other on a HTO Bug-ga before I left.

Well all said and done it was a bloody good afternoon, I just wish I had more sessions like that lately! 
I really hope to get a few more Llyn sessions in before the year is through but we shall see.

Tight lines.