Wednesday, 1 July 2015

A few fish and a bag.

I have to admit to being a bit bored of blogging recently and therefore this blog is getting a bit stagnant. I haven't forgotten about it completely though and I am even finally getting around to filling out the light game tackle page slowly.

I have been getting out though and I have been using the HTO lures that I designed quite alot and have had some good fishing while using them. I have also been doing very well on the Reins 7g Aji Swimmer jig and Breaden Metalmaru's. I do like to mix things up a bit and I like to feel like I am fishing for me at times rather than to keep facebook pages up dated or what ever.
Anyway, heres a few photo's;

This Launce fell for the HTO Flail
HTO Mace riged on a 2g Mace jig head

Bass seem to really like the HTO Mace 

Another Wrasse in a Decoy Slide bomb rigged Leethal

Pollock captured using the HTO Excalibur
My Gee Crack bag has also suffered bad zip corrosion now to so I have a tarty new bag. Its quite cool and is quite adequate for my needs as it will hold a box of softs, a box of jigheads and a box of jigs too. Mostly its just tarty.