Monday, 31 August 2015

Rock Roving.

I recently took possession of the new HTO Rock Rover which is a five piece light game pack rod, its 6'11 in length, rated 2-7g and comes with both a solid tip and a tubular tip. Well I was pretty excited about it and have been for some time so I decided to give it a whirl yesterday.

My choice of venue was Porth Ysgaden on the Llyn Peninsula as its a pretty nice place with good broken ground and a mixture of silt and shale. There was still a bit of swell running and a northerly wind blowing which did make for a challenge at times.

I started using the tube tip and flung out a Bait Breath Moysa on a 2g Aquawave Jighead which casted admirably and took a small Pollock and a large Launce on my first two casts, lovely!
The fishing wasn't exactly firing after that though so I moved to a different spot, casting a Hart Mebaru Blade across a small inlet from a precarious rock, there were Launce everywhere! 

I literally had one of these per cast and though they dont fight exceptionally well at all it was good fun indeed! The lure by the way, weighs 7g and is therefore at the maximum end of the rods stated capability and it coped no problem.

As the tide ebbed the Launce switched off some and the Pollock switched on, nothing big at all but they don't really need to be on an UL rod to be fun.

After I had had my fill of small Pollock and Launce I made the decision to head west along Porth Ysgaden's broken ground in search if a little shelter from the wind and swell with the hope of catching some Wrasse. Selecting the solid tip for some OTD and deadsticking action I fished some precarious looking ledges into deep sheltered gullies, using mainly the HTO Excalibur in white.

Well the Wrasse kindly obliged and fought with spirit ,putting a nice bend in this awesome little rod.

Some sweet action from one of my favourite UK fish to catch, I love how they sometimes just go pure mental, keeping you on your toes!
Sometimes the lure was intercepted on the way down by more Pollock which also provided some fun.

I made my last move to the north of the main cove and caught some more small Pollock on the HTO Mace before heading home. All in all though a fun day and I can honestly say I like the Rockfish Rover a great deal! Obviously this isn't a review as such as I haven't used it nearly long enough, but its pretty sick nonetheless.
The sky Last night was pretty awesome too!

Tight lines.