Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Rockfish Skiathos! Part 3

Tuesday morning saw me on the first day of out second week in Skiathos and still wanting some slightly larger fish, I didn't exactly want trophy fish, just something to take a little line at least.
I started using my lighter set up a little more and to be honest I'd forgotten how much of a delight it was to use as I have been using the Breaden most of the time both in the UK and away.
The Yamaga Blanks Bluecurrents are truly wonderful rods and I can see myself getting a newer version before long.

Anyway, due to My daughter being tired at the wedding and me taking her home early (the hotel felt like home), I was able to get out just before sunrise. I was working my jig with continuous short twitches but very little movement of the reel handle, a little like walking the dog, when I got a good hit close in. Hey this fish even made my drag sing a little, happy days!

Quite a nice little bream! I tried for more this size but to no avail, I did catch some smaller ones on ami's again though before heading west.

I scrambled along the rocks and bays further than I had done before and had some follows off of slightly larger fish, yet each time a flaming Comber would shoot up and intercept my jig before the other fish could get it, they started to really pee me off. 

This happened again  yet I saw the larger fish take cover under a ledge i was standing on and therefore dropped my jig down and it got snaffled by something small, not the fish I wanted but certainly not a comber either. The fish shot out from the ledge and tried to make it to another hole, so i pulled it up. Well bugger me, I have never caught a Goby on a jig before! I think this one is a Giant Goby.

Well I guess it was another species to the tally hey!
From then on it was just comber after comber although I did find some interesting ground to play on. I actually saw a decent fish come out from under a ledge and have a go at my jig but failed to hook up, very annoying but at least I'd found somewhere with potential!

Time came for me to return to the family however so I made my way back with intentions to return.

Wednesday I had planned to meet Stuart agin and fish Koukounaries Marina once more. I met Stuart at about 4:45am and we got another 20 euro taxi down the road and were fishing for 5:15am. I let Stuart have my Sardine jig again and I used my Reins jigs. It was a totally different day!
I was first in and managed a short succession of mini Barracuda but Stuart was blanking.

I allowed Stuart to take his pick of my jigs and lures to get off the mark but he was having a real hard time and I certainly wasn't managing anything too epic at all. I'd added combers too my tally but nothing remotely big. We did see some Bass deep down but they seemed so lazy, we put it down to the intense heat but who knows?
Eventually I suggested Stuart put on my Hart RSF Mebaru Blade and sure enough that got him a comber. Determined his sardine jig wold still work he persevered and also managed a small Gar later on. 
Well well, what a difference though! It was slow and tough with little to show for the early start. I still enjoyed my time with Stuart, but we decided to call it a day and head back. I didn't fish again until Friday as Wednesday was my Daughter Liberty's birthday and Thursday I went on the Mama Mia tour around Skopelos with my family, which was a great time (aside from the Abba)!

Remember I mentioned the plague of wasps? Well Liberty is terrified of them and on Skopelos she decided to eat her dinner under a towel, she was ok as long as she couldn't see them, a case of "out of sight, out of mind" I guess.

Well on that random subject I shall conclude another post. One more to come I think and then I'm done until another trip to report or topic springs to mind.

Tight lines