Monday, 6 June 2016

A Mini Session

I struggled to find any motivation today, it has been s hot I must admit to just wanting to laze about or go for a swim, however after lunch I decided to have a bash at some mini species.
Heading up the peninsula once more, this time to Porth Dinllaen with my Rock Rover and a selection of lures. Boy it was hot but stepping out the car was just lush as a cool sea breeze refreshed me.

I chose my spot below the watch-tower as it was low tide and set up a dropshot rig consisting of a size 10 Sabpolo wormer hook position about 30cm above the weight and hooked up a 1" Berkley Gulp Fish Fry. I fished pretty much vertically over the kelpy margins and bites were pretty instantaneous, the culprits - Corkwing Wrasse.
Always a joy to catch this species as they are quite a pretty fish and spirited fr their size.

The sea was like a millpond at this point and was honestly what was needed, if I had been back home in Suffolk I probably would be watching a Waggler float, it was just one of those tranquil, serene afternoons.
After some time the tide turing created a bit of a rip and back eddy, time for some slightly more aggressive tactics and a good chance to try out the new HTO Fugitive jigs. 
Casting into the current and allowing my jig to trundle along the bottom with the odd upward twitch, found me a lot of tiny Pollock, quite funny considering the larger ones I've been catching lately.

I had a relatively steady hour or so of these before calling it a day. 
I'm glad I went out in the end, it was just a nice chilled session and no real need for the game face.

Tight lines.