Saturday, 23 July 2016

Down for Browns.

I have become slightly obsessed with ultralight fishing for Brown Trout recently and have both been hiking in the hills and fishing my local lake area, it has been really quite enjoyable and challenging.
My casting has seemed to be more accurate of late and I have only smashed the lip on one lure, albeit one of my nice handmade lures by Pan.

One make of lures I have found incredibly consistent are those made by a Polish firm called TAPS, they are rather epic yet inexpensive lures.
The other tackle I have been using is my HTO Rock Rover, Shimano Complex Ci4+ 2500HGS and 0.6 PE Braid. 

So far I have only caught very small fish, but they are so well marked and such a charming species I don't care at all. I am sure I will encounter some larger fish at some stage and this is still very much a learning curve for me.

I hope you enjoy the pictures;

Tight Lines.