Friday, 5 August 2016

Out and a Trout.

I have mainly been fishing the Artro Associations waters lately, but I have found them a bit lacking if I am honest, whether its just they are pressured waters or just low on fish is anyones guess, but they don't seem to fish that well.
With a couple of blanks under my belt I decided to head way off the beaten track as far as Anglers go and fish a lake I have been thinking about for some time; Llyn Hywel.

I have been to Llyn Hywel many times on my hiking forays, it's a beautiful place situated between the summits of Rhinog Fach and Llethr. At 1831 feet above sea level its a bit of a trek to get to and if you are planning on fishing it I'd recommend allowing one and a half hours for the ascent and the same for the descent.

Rhinog Fach's summit imposes over Llyn Hywel

It was quite amusing on the ascent to be stopped by two hikers asking if there were actually any fish in the lake, one of them even said "I've never seen any movement on the lake" while looking at me as if I was crazy. Funny thing was as soon as I hit my destination there were small Trout topping all over the place.
One thing is for sure though, I did not know if I would catch or how large the fish would be if I did!
I guess I was hoping that there may be a decent fish or two to contend with, however, I would be happy just not to blank.

I started fishing the shallower water where I first arrived and was pretty much straight into fish, certainly nothing of any size but properly wild and very charming looking fish, most favouring small Trout Spoons.

I stayed in that spot or a while just having some fun, though the fish were small they were my first Llyn Hywel trout and pretty looking at that, they certainly made me smile!

Moving around the lake and into the much deeper areas I had hoped to find some bigger fish but alas,! It wasn't to be. I was somewhat surprised though as I was catching scores of these little fellas, yet there must be something spawning all these juvenile fish? 
Ah well, I was fishing a beautiful location and catching tons of fish, might as well make the most of it right? I bloody did too!

I stayed maybe four hours before coming down and easily caught over 50 fish, I actually have 92 photo's so I would honestly say I probably caught close to that amount as, although some of the snaps are duplicates, I didn't photograph every fish. Even though they were small I couldn't stop taking pictures, they are just such pretty fish.

Small spoons and the Duo Spearhead Ryuki's did the majority of the damage, I tried some other stuff but these are definitely what the Trout were preferring on the day. 
Oh and the HTO Rock Rover was my rod of choice here, being a pack rod its is pretty perfect for hiking about, it fits just nicely in the side pocket of my day sack and is secured by the trekking pole strap. Not having a rod in my way is pretty ideal as it keeps my hands free for any scrambling I have to do. The rod is just sweet though and is a piece I now use often.

Well I think I have had my Trout fix for now, my next session will hopefully be a Saltwater session.

Until then, tight lines!