Monday, 23 January 2017

Kraken Catch!

I have been itching to get out lately yet today was my first wee session of 2017!
I have a new rod which I wanted to try out, so up to Uwchmynydd I went to try out my Major Craft N-One SRS shore jigging rod. Its a longer rod than I'm used to at ten foot six inches and quite fast considering its length, actually a tiny bit too fast for my liking, but I'm not really here to do a rod review, especially after one use.

There was a stiff southerly blowing and bloody cold at that, being a bit of a Jessy I tucked in around the headland to get less exposure to the biting wind, even then it was damn cold.
I knew this mark wasn't quite as good as some of my others in the area but, there were a few fish to be had, not big by any means, but then I didn't expect large fish inshore this time of year.

I was mainly utilising 40g and 60g jigs as, they seemed way better than 30g jigs to load the tip effectively, The Hart Glaze, HTO Shore Jigs and Hart Bony's seemed to do the business today.

Like I said, not the best stamp of fish.
By far my favourite catch actually came on the Glaze and in the form of a Cellapod!

Personally I think Octopodes are extremely cool, I find handling them quite therapeutic and watching them rapidly change colour is just fascinating, it actually made my day to catch one again.
Thankfully he didn't ink until release, watching it swim away was pretty cool too, its amazing how relatively fast they are!

I didn't stay for too much longer afterwards, the Pollock were all of around the same size and not worth braving the cold for really, I really felt the Octopus was the best albeit unusual reward.

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