Monday, 13 March 2017

Stockie Bashing at Trawsfynydd.

I am growing impatient waiting for the Sea Trout season to commence this year, I cannot wait to get back on the rivers and lakes to fish for Wild Trout.
I am hopefully going to feature a bit of Tenkara on the blog this year too, it wont be too in depth as what I don't know could fill more posts than what I do!

Anyway with my impatience, I headed to Trawsfynydd today to catch some Rainbows. It was actually better than I thought and the fish fought pretty well, I even got smashed up by a big one!

I also Caught my first Brown Trout of the year which was a nice surprise, I much prefer them if I'm honest.

Well a fun day; I got my 6 to take home and that scratched the Game itch enough to last me until the rivers open.

Tight lines.