Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Meiho F-1 Block Form Case

I am always on the lookout for items that make my lure fishing easier and I have been looking for a simple solution for carrying my rigged lrf lures. I have seen some nice looking kit from Japan, but much of it is quite pricey, especially by the time it gets here.

I was looking through the Meiho catalogue, as they are renowned for supplying some of the best boxes available in the angling industry and I came across the Meiho F-1 Block form box.
I saw that the Art of fishing sell them, but were out of stock. I therefore contacted Mick at Mr Fish Jersey and though Mick did not have any in stock, said he would get some in.

Always true to his word and I received one the following week, here it is;

It really does make life easier and is just so simple. No more rooting through my bag, packets and jig head box before changing lures. It also fits perfectly into my hPa Sooper Trooper, but would also fit in any decent sized pocket.

I have just ordered another for my metal jigs too. I just love simple things that make my life easier.

There you have it, the Meiho Block Form Case F-1. Available from Mr Fish Jersey and The Art of Fishing.