Friday, 23 August 2013

A Couple of sessions in Cornwall.

Recently I have been on holiday in Cornwall with my family. I didn't do a lot of fishing and neither did I want to, I intended to spend some quality time with my daughters and that certainly went to plan. We spent time bodyboarding, sightseeing and a bit of shopping, it was all good.

I did hope to meet up wit Josh Fletcher (twice winner of the Cornish lure festival species comp) for a short session, but that didn't arise unfortunately.
I did however manage a short session in Mevagissey.

Mevagissey is well known to the lrf species hunters and a variety of fish are reported to be caught there. Typically, the day I picked to go the fishing was tough and really didn't meet my expectations. Heavy showers and a low tide made things both difficult and unpleasant. I did however manage a few small Pollock, a Long Spined Sea Scorpion (my first of the year) and some Blennies.

My girls especially liked the Blennies and laughed when they bit me!
I had hoped to get a Goldsinney Wrasse, but those wee buggers are still eluding me and its becoming most frustrating!

On my last night in Cornwall it just so happened that Scott happened to be down and after a day on the beach I met up with him. We took a trip down to Fowey which is another spot frequented by light gamers and again the fishing was tough! Even Scott struggled a bit and he was using fresh Ragworm as bait.
I managed a couple of Long Spined Sea Scorpions and Scott caught a Tompot Blenny, A small Plaice, some Long Spined Sea Scorpions and some crabs.
Though the fishing wasn't epic, it was just great to spend some time with Scott again and it was a nice calm moonlit night to be out.
The only pictures I have are of my fish, unfortunately I forgot my camera so the shots were taken on Scotts phone.

The last fish hooked that night was by me and it was a species that has given me nightmares since Jersey last year; the Topnot. I hooked and lost one at Bouley bay in Jersey, I was gutted, it's such an unusual species and I'd have loved to have landed it.
Well at Fowey I managed to hook another and on the retrieve, I managed to get my hook and fish stuck in some weed on the harbour wall and thought I'd lost it for sure! Scott came to help me and after some time we managed to free my hook and fish, I started to celebrate and thought that was it, home free. Still to my disbelief however, as I lifted the fish up the harbour wall, the Topnot managed to shake itself free and I once again was robbed of my prize! Gutted again.
We did laugh about it too, but I have to say it wasn't my most defining angling moment.

Oh well, I just hope its third time lucky with the Topnot, but I do not know where I will again find one. Well it was on that loss that ended my time with Scott and also where I shall end my report.

Tight lines.