Friday, 23 August 2013

Back at Home

On arrival back in Wales, I had one day of holiday left before returning to work, depressing stuff!
Still, I wanted to get back on the Bass as I still haven't beaten my personal best yet, though of course I may not this year. Anyway I decided to head out Sunday afternoon.

There was a fairly stiff South westerly blowing, so I decided on an estuary mark which is fairly new to me. Here I could have the wind blowing from behind me, thus making fishing easier.
I also opted for my Yamaga Blanks BlueCurrent 80, as the fish feed on tiny fry here and my light game lures would be a better match to the prey.
I arrived at my mark early because I knew I was going to get cut off by the high tide for a couple of hours.
As the tide flooded I could see the Bass coming in and the odd splash ensued as Bass lunged at baitfish, I became a tad excited.

It was a mighty hard session, the Bass seemed so occupied with the masses of baitfish present, they were completely ignoring my lures and it became most frustrating!
It wasn't until the tide actually started to recede again that I caught my only Bass of the session! The Bass took a Daiwa D'fin shad fished on the drop, it gave a reasonable account of itself and when measured came in at just over 51cm. One fish is certainly better than none but I couldn't help feeling I should have done better somehow!
The fish was captured, pictured and released.

Yamaga Blanks Blue Current 80

Tight lines