Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Ringing the Changes.

I spoke to my friend and fellow BASS member Steven Neely the other day and told him I was getting a bit bored of chasing Bass, I think he thought I was mad as he said "I never thought I'd hear a man say that." Truth is though, I do find targeting the same species over and over a bit boring and with that in mind I decided to camp up the peninsula and target Pollock for a couple of days.

It wasn't the only reason I went, sometimes a person just needs some time out and to get some head space. So armed with more lures than I really needed, off I went for a little solo fish and camp.

The fish over the two days were not of any great size but they certainly kept me on my toes. In order to keep catching I had to keep changing style and technique.

On my first mark it was dropshot Gulp sandworm that was doing the trick.

I had a few of these, but I did not really want to catch such tiny fish, so I moved along the rocks a bit and clipped on a 40g Fiiish Black minnow. I think it was on my second cast that my rod hooped and I had a fish on!

Rockfishing Blog

It doesn't look all that big in the photo, but it was a good bit larger than the ones I had on the drop shot rig. I did have some smaller ones afterwards and I was actually surprised how quite small fish would take the 120mm lure, greedy little fellas!

The fish then seemed to switch off, so I changed to a Carolina type rig, using a 40g drilled bullet as the sinker. I used a number of lures on the rig , but by far the most popular was the OSP Dolive stick in Bluegill.

Fishing Llyn Peninsula

I next tried some metal jigs and actually I think the metals accounted for more fish over all. Heres a picture on one taken on a cheap jig that I purchased on eBay.

The only down side to using metals is you do tend to foul hook a few fish and so I did, one Pollock right through the head and the biggest Launce I have ever seen, through the tail.

I must admit to being tempted to freeline it on a chinu hook!

After a bit I fancied another move and decided on a sheltered spot just around the corner.
At first I regretted my move as there didn't seem to be any fish, that is until I changed to a Jika rigged Dolive stick and caught the biggest fish of the couple of days!

Pollock Fishing Wales
Must work on these timer shots!
Before I left that night, I noticed some bait fish flipping on the surface of the sea and knew what that meant - Mackerel!
With that I clipped on my Megabass Bubble header and had some fun with those guys for a bit.

Although I had considered fishing in into darkness, I decided it wasn't the wisest idea, being both alone and tired. I did enjoy a dramatic looking sunset before I left for my tent.

Today I only ended up fishing for a few hours, but it was more of the same really. I started catching from my first cast on a Tronix Pro jig in Mackerel pattern.


Then the Megabass Bubbleheader.

Lastly; dropshotted senkos.

All in all an enjoyable and varied couple of sessions!
I hope you enjoyed the report :)

Tight lines.

Kit employed;

Rod : Sakura Mazzera 742MH
Reel: Shimano Rarenium 4000FA
Braid: Suffix Performance 20lb
Leader: Triplefish Fluorocarbon
Lures: Metal jigs by Tronix, Megabass, Tackle House, also unknown brands, Senko's by agmdiscountfishing, OSP Dolive sticks, Fiiish Black Minnow 120's and many other lures.