Thursday, 1 May 2014

20 Minutes South.

There's a mark 20 minutes south of me and although I know it throws up a few fish, decent ones too, I avoid it like the plague. The thing is, it tends to get overrun with tourists, crab liners and people feathering for Mackerel. I don't generally like crowds, I deal with hundreds of people every week at work and when I am fishing I do tend to do my best to avoid more.
That being said, today I had a window to fish and decided to give the place a visit, I'm glad I did!
It was a good chance to try my new Breaden rod too (see previous post).

On arrival the tide was high and the inner harbour was quite dirty, so I chose to fish a 2.5g Decoy head and a White Gulp fish fry, I knew there were likely flatties in there, so this seemed a good move. Bumping the bottom slowly it wasn't long before I was proven correct.

Only a small one but a nice way to start!
I continued in the same manner to see if I could find more, but that proved futile. I therefore moved onto the outer breakwater to see what might lurk there. I fished the harbour side first and scored a wee Pollock using a 1.5g head and Gulp! Angleworm.

To be honest I didn't even know that Pollock could be caught there, I had heard of other species but never Pollock.

The tide was now ebbing and seeing as we are on a spring tide, the harbour side was emptying fast. I therefore decided to fish the open side of the breakwater and used a 5g Shout! Dangan jig. I knew I was fishing over sand, so I allowed the jig to just bump the bottom in the current whilst controlling the line, with the odd OTD manoeuvre thrown in. This worked well and I had a succession of Juvenile Pollock which amused some of the holiday making spectators.

Nothing big at all, but it was sure nice to catch some fish on jigs again!

I was near ready to go home when I spotted a previously inaccessible feature and thought it might hold a mini-specie. I therefore put on the light Jighead and angleworm again and plucked out another fish I never knew resided here! Possibly my favourite mini - the scorpion fish.

Well, I'll be back there sometime soon, it was actually a nice way to spend a couple of hours, certainly better than surfing the net for more lures I don't need, or chatting on fishing forums!

Tight lines all :)