Wednesday, 28 May 2014

You make me wanna….

You Make Me Wanna Shout! A great song by the Isley brothers, but I thought I'd use the title to highlight how much I am loving my little jigs from Shout! The Dangan Mame really is a cracking little jig and as well as bagging me a fair few Pollock, it's also been serving me well on some other species.

Lure and light game

Shout Dangan Mame


Lure and light game

I've been doing crap on the Bass this year and cannot for the life of me understand why! Hopefully that'll change soon.
The Skid Stiks are getting some interest though and I managed a small one recently on the 5" Stick in Holo Black Back;

Skid Stick

I'll hopefully find time to get out again soon and weather permitting, I shall be up the peninsula soon for some heavier stuff.

Well until then, here's a couple of release shots;

Tight lines!