Saturday, 9 August 2014

Caro Fishing

I have been doing a lot of Caro fishing of late, I have found that the fish are just a bit further out or deeper in current, perhaps this is due to the increased beach traffic over the holiday season.
There is only so far I can throw a 2.5 g jig head and even then that presentation does not always give me what I desire and this is where Caro really comes in handy; they allow me to present a light lure far out and/or deep down.
If you are not familiar with them, they are a type of "inline active sinker" and I feel that is the best way to describe them. They are active in the way they sink through the water column at different trajectories, thus allowing for different presentations. The rig itself is quite simple; you tie a 20-30cm length of monofilament to your light game braid, slide the Caro on with the stem towards the rod tip, after the Caro, thread a bead on and then add a swivel. After the swivel you want a 30-40cm trace, then your jig head and lure choice.

I have found the long slide type to be perhaps the most useful, it suits shallow water better and is equally suitable for sliding over kelp beds at depth. For dropping behind sandbars or into holes, the N and S type are also pretty useful. I haven't got all my ideas sown up about these things though and look forward to experimenting more. 
I do find that straight lures work very well indeed, with jig weights mostly between 0.3 and 1.5g.

The following are some of my results lately, the first are Caro caught fish utilising the AquaWave Straights on AquaWave Rockbait jig heads;

I really do like these lures and heads, the lures behave well and look great in the water and the heads are just excellent, just the right gauge of hook wire for my liking and sharp!

I've also been using the Delalande Spaghetti lures; they are really designed for wacky rigging, but when I received them I just thought "Caro". I like nice bright colours when fishing the depths and these have a bold presence in the water.

As you can see, coupled with my report from Brixham, there are a number of species that will take this presentation. Its quite an enjoyable way of fishing too, its insane the distances that can be achieved with these things too, which in turn allows me to cover plenty of water.
For more info on Caro's and how to fish them, check out these videos;