Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Road Trippin' Day 4 - Weymouth

Originally we had wanted to fish Portland on our last day, but it became apparent that we were going to be pushed for time and we had a couple of species to get to make our target twenty.
I must confess to really wanting to fish there too, as after all the small species I wanted to get a proper bend in my rod. 

We did head along and just take in the sites quickly, well after a quick visit to Chesil Bait and Tackle!

Anyway, we knew we stood a good chance of a flounder in Weymouth Harbour and we could try for a Mullet too, so thats what we had to settle with. I'd sure like to get back to Portland at some point mind, maybe with someone who knows the area.

We'd seen Flounder in the Harbour area near to Asda and decided to try there. We were sight fishing for the blighters and despite seeing them mouth our Gulp on jig heads and shot rigs, we couldn't get a hook up! Then scaling down to ridiculous hook sizes, Scott managed to catch a tiny Sand Goby taking us to species 19. You may check Scotts blog for a picture of that, I reckon my Cuttlefish is more valid than a glorified tadpole!

Scott was also trying his luck among some juvenile Mullet when he finally got a take. To both of our surprise, he did not pull out a Mullet for our twentieth specie, he pulled out some prime Dorset Silver!

Pre-School Bass
In actual fact, over the course of the trip I did not catch a thing that Scott didn't catch, yet the same could not be said vice versa. Scott caught at least four more species than me, Sand Goby, Red Mullet, Sea Scorpion and Bass, so in actual fact he managed the twenty all by himself!

Well with that done, we headed for a bite to eat and then finished off our trip on the Stone Pier and just happy to catch whatever. I was the Corkwing King that day though and caught way more of those than anything else!

We caught some Ballan Wrasse, Bream and Smelt too, before heading back home.

Well that was the end of that and it was really sad to say goodbye, I could've easily stayed for longer, ONE LAST CAST!
Truthfully though, I really needed that trip, it was great to meet a few people and to catch up with Scott before our Menorca trip in October.

I'll be back in the West Country before long for sure, I love it down there and there are so many species that just seem easier there. The scenery is gorgeous with a very historic feel and some great people to boot.

Anyways, stay tuned and tight lines folks!